Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leo is lucky again.....

Last Friday morning, our family took off to visit my family in Florida. Boarding the 3 furry critters would make a serious dent in our pocket book so as usual I asked my neighbor to watch our pets.

All went well and when we arrived home, everyone was thrilled to see us.
Ginger and Mojo bolted outside to greet us and ran in circles with doggy delight, barking their little heads off. Leo although excited, is much too sophisticated to do such thing. He doesn't meow loudly or run in circles. (in fact, he doesn't meow at all.) Instead he jumps up on the nearest table or chair to get higher and then flips his tail back and forth...have I mentioned he has a loooooong tail? It is hard not to see it whipping around.
If that doesn't work, he runs in front of you, cutting off your path so you have to bend down to pet him. Dean walks around, I pet. :-)

Anyhoo, I noticed his collar had fallen off. I looked around and found it right away. Tangled in our veggie holder.
I am SO glad they make those kitty collars with elastic. They are really for outdoor kitties, so they can slip their collar if they get caught on a branch.

Leo would have seriously injured himself trying to get free had it not been for the elastic. He struggled so hard he actually broke it. I know my neighbor comes over frequently but I would have hated for her to come over and found a dead Leo.
I couldn't imagine her having to call and tell us over the phone that Leo was d e a d.

Advice to kitty owners.....even if they are indoor kitties like Leo....get an elastic band collar.


Suzie said...

My kittys are dead. But not do to the collar. So good advice. Great blog. Thanks for the email.Im glad your kitties are good.

Jen Sue Wild said...

How scarry my tummy hurt just lloing at the pic. I am so glad Leo is ok..
Super scarry.

June (planetjune) said...

There goes another of his 9 lives... I am so relieved Leo is okay!

My cat Maui is an indoor cat so he doesn't wear a collar at all. (He is microchipped though, just in case he ever escapes and gets lost.)

jillytacy said...

I thought the same thing, one life down eight to go! Lucky Leo! I'm glad he is ok! That would have been terrible. I hope you guys had a good trip!

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