Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bookmark swap

I'm in another swap...this time for bookmarks. I'm hoping my partners like them. I crocheted the little owl and the thongs from some scrap yarn I had. It was interesting making something up to fit their 'profile.' I think the owl turned out pretty cute.....and I like the ones on the left. I crocheted around some little marbles.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The sweater that turned into a purse.....

I love sweaters.....I will wear them until they absolutely fall apart....or until my husband looks at me and makes a funny face which says '' a mirror could fix that...'

I was really having a hard time letting this particular sweater go because it had all my favorite colors in it.

I couldn't wear it anymore as the neckline had grown about 4 sizes and the waistline had shrunk about 2!
So..... I decided to repurpose it. I learned that little word last year while reading other people's blogs. It gave me the idea to 'repurpose' my sweater into a purse. But I had no idea what to do. It took GUTS to cut up my favorite sweater. I sat there looking at all its various parts and pieces and almost panicked.
But instead, I drug out some purse handles I had purchased (but never had used) and proceeded to 'make a purse.' Between a bit of serging and sewing I got what you see in the non-flattering picture above. (I really must learn to take better pictures if I am going to keep this up....)
The purse is actually a good size and is self lined.

I am also pleased to say that whenever I use it, people ask me where I bought it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring picture day.....

Yesterday when picking up the kids, they happily announced that the next day they could have 'free' day...meaning they could wear one of their own outfits. (The school has a uniform policy.)
They could do this because it is Spring Picture Day. In the Fall, they have to wear their uniform for the school yearbook photo.

While tucking her in, my daughter chattered on about what outfit to wear, a backup in case the weather changed, how to wear her hair, which earrings to wear. It took her forever to finally calm down enough to fall asleep.

While tucking my son in, he simply said 'I got it mom.' And promptly fell asleep.

This morning arrived and I woke my daughter up earlier (as promised) so she could 'get going...'
She jumped up and tried on her 'first choice' outfit which worked perfectly. Then we did her hair and she put in her cute butterfly earrings she got for Christmas. Then she went online to feed her 'Webkinz." It was like a scene out of Cinderella, I swear that little birdies were following her around singing....

Then I went in to check on our son. His hair was sticking out like medusa and he was already dressed. He had on some green and khaki camouflage shorts with a grey and purple LSU t-shirt.

Our 'conversation' went something like this:

Me....' you can't wear that together'
Him...'why not?'
Me....'because it doesn't match.'
Me.....uhhhhhhh. I mean, what do you say to a kid who doesn't care if he doesn't match for a photo? I bailed on the conversation and sent up some madras shorts, which Dean convinced him to change into, along with a blue t-shirt.

We get in the car and I notice he hadn't done his hair.
Me....'you didn't do your hair'
Him.....'its fine'
Me....'its sticking up...'
Sister...'well, its only sticking up in it won't show in the picture...'


Something is seriously wrong with me to find that so funny.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Owl excited....

Here are 2 of the things I made for the owl swap I am in.....hope they like them!

Happy Mushrooms

Look what came in the mail for me this weekend!
Aren't these the cutest little mushrooms?
I got them through a swap on swap-bot. I don't know the name of my partner or I'd mention it here.
They arrived with a box of conversation sweethearts. ..which the kids promptly confiscated.
The smallest one is a little pin but I can't pick a favorite...all three are really cute.
Thank you again, they truly brightened up my day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Daddy Don't

Caution....this post is not for the faint of heart. It details a 'coming of age' conversation that will forever be ingrained in the brain of my sweet 10 year old daughter. I for one, will never look at a tissue box quite the same. That being said, if you choose to read on, beware!

Our family members all have fairly good (albeit warped) senses of humor.
Thank God for that.
Our daughter turned 10 in December. Things are starting to 'happen' and I have had a talk with her here and there. (I'd like to thank my sister Page for the wonderfully GRAPHIC horse book showing a horse giving birth to a beautiful little foal.) "Do babies come out your BUTT?"
THAT particular conversation took place 2 years ago.
Taught me to LOOK at the books my kids received as gifts.

But that was a different conversation. This one was a 'Daddy don't' type of conversation.
We have labels in our family. "Mommisms", "Daddy don'ts" and "New Improved Daddy" are just a few of our favorites.

Last night we had a "daddy don't" moment.

I realized it was getting close to our favorite tv show. Our daughter had taken a late shower and as I was combing conditioner through her hair, Dean (loving husband and father) came home from working out. I grabbed the remote to see what episode was on in case we wanted to tape it to watch later.
In doing so, we caught the tail end of an episode of "According to Jim" a new Jim Belushi sitcom that really is funny. It showed a little girl at a party. Jim was doing all these daddy things for a party but it wasn't until 5 or so minutes into it that we realized the 'party' was for a little girl who had started her period.

I flipped the channel but it was too late, my daughter was like. "What's a period?" I gently reminded her of our little (horrifying) talk we had before and was hoping that would suffice. Wrong. She said 'yeah, we did talk...but what EXACTLY is a period?" "Could you tell me more?"

So, I started to get all mommy and delicate and waxed poetic about the changes a young woman's body goes through once the pituitary gland tells it to start being a woman...blah, blah, blah.
Dean is like "oh, for crying out loud, let ME tell her." I was not ABOUT to let HIM tell her. So I am laughing and fumbling around trying to say it 'just right.' Dean is laughing at me the whole time.
I continued on about eggs and so forth when about that time, my husband jumps up and grabs the tissue box that was on the nightstand.
He holds the box above his head (out of my reach) and says in an ultra loud radio- announcer voice: "pretend this box is your uterus," then "the fallopian tubes move the egg into your uterus and when your egg doesn't turn into a baby, it gets rid of it...."
At THIS point in daddy ' G.Y.N. 101', he RIPS the tissue from the box and tosses it to the floor. K says......'so whats the tissue for?" And daddy says, none too delicately, "oh, THAT represents your uterine lining!"

Okay.... for a moment think of Linus from the Charlie Brown comic strip, how he holds his ears and runs screaming from the room...AAGGHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Yep. That sums it up. She really WAS holding her ears too.
Our daughter....well, the only thing we could see was the bottom of her feet.

Then, being the horribly blunt daddy he is, he then yells back....oh, and you might see a little get the idea.
But honey, " DON'T FREAK OUT."

Yeah..........too late. She had already freaked out. I was trying to decide whether to follow her or just let it go and avoid the rest of the conversation when she came back.
I guess it was sort of like watching a train wreck. Her curiosity had won out over her being 'totally grossed out."

The rest of the conversation was saved by me and went quite well....

Except for when she asked if the "eggs were like chicken eggs" and Dean started squawking like a chicken and pretended to LAY AN EGG on the bed. At that point, I had to explain how tiny human eggs were.

After all that, I took her upstairs to tuck her in bed.
Our son, was feeling a little bit left out because he had heard all the screaming and laughter and running around. So when we walk upstairs he says 'hey, what were ya'll doing?"
Our daughter proudly turned to him and said 'we were talking about when I get my period.'

He looked at her and then he looked at me and then he said 'Oh' and simply shut the door.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crocheted cell phone holder....

I made this little crocheted cell phone holder for myself the other day. It was made from a simple single crochet. I needed something in a bright color so I could see it in the 'depths' of my handbag! I didn't want a button so I just used yarn. A quick twist and it doesn't open up in my purse but opens quickly with my fingers.
I was so proud of it until Dean informed me he had some film to put over the screen that prevents scratches!
Oh well....Now my phone has 'double' protection against scratches!
And that, as Martha says , is 'a good thing.'

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sew organized!

I have rearranged my sewing room to meet my needs a bit better. I had to rearrange the closets and the see through drawers. My hubby was so sweet as he added shelves in both closets for me to arrange as needed. The drawers had to be reworked because my stash of yarn keeps GROWING! Never mind that I crochet constantly......I always have a skein here and there leftover.

I have one closet full of different types of fabrics with storage at the top. The other closet is mainly for crafts, paints, gifts, records filing and holiday decorations that can't go into the attic. I also store ribbons and tissues and bags in one closet. Nice to have it all handy.

This room gets a ton of natural sunlight...which is why Dean suggested it be used for the sewing room.

The sewing room doubles as a place for our bowflex. (Hence, seeing it in the photo.)
We don't use it as much now that we have a gym membership. We are 'storing' it for when our son goes off to college or gets his first apartment. (in about 7 years!)
There are days I'd like to put it in the attic but the moment that thought crosses my mind, someone goes in and uses it!

As for the extreme NEATNESS you see.....
I have to keep it organized and "tucked in" because Leo (our kitty) likes to play in here when I work. I do not want to end up with a cat in the ER so being organized helps me avoid disaster of the feline (and canine) kind.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Sassy Apron

Here is a picture of the apron I made for the Sassy Apron Swap.
I am sending it off in the mail in the morning so my 'partner' should get it either by Saturday or next Monday.

It is the first apron I've made. I used the pattern out of Amy Butler's "In Stitches" sewing book.

I like the way it turned out and plan on buying some fabric and making myself one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Throw Me Somethin' Mister!

That is what I'm yelling in the first photo! I felt like the lady from the Zataran's commercial...."Throw Me Somethin' Mister!"

Today is Fat Tuesday and the kids are off all week for Mardi Gras. Today is the last day for parades....of which we've been to several over the last couple of weeks.
The last time Dean and I went to a Mardi Gras parade was in late 90's and we don't remember much. We were too busy partying.
But since moving back to Louisiana (this time with kids), we chose to stay in Metarie instead of going into New Orleans. Afterall, gotta keep it PG. We avoided all the hot spots like turn arounds and places in front of open bars. That way, we avoided some of the things the kids didn't need to witness. Plus, we parked out in front of my favorite book store....Barnes & Nobles. Before they closed for the parades, we all bought a few books and some yummy Starbucks hot cocoa. (gotta love it.)

I didn't really plan on getting beads...after all, I'm 47 years old for cryin' out loud. I don't NEED any beads. But they are so pretty and bright and shiny. ...and the more you put around your neck, the more you get! Besides, I was thinking....'if everyone else can jump up and down yelling for beads, so can I!" So I did. I couldn't help myself.

It was so much fun. The best part is that we had fun as a family and we got to enjoy some free entertainment. The floats were beautiful.....our favorite parade was the 'truck' parade. They decorate their 18 wheelers any way they want. The kids brought home tons of fun toys and beads. They are already sorting them by color and shape and size, then bartering with each other for the best ones. (except for the ones I stashed for myself.....)
You can tell by the pictures that the entire family had a blast.
Just another reason to love it here......remember I said I'd I am.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Swappin' fun....

I've never participated in an on-line swap before but thought it might be fun to join one.
So, as usual, I threw caution to the wind and joined 5 swaps at once.....gee, I hope I like them now that I am committed!

The cute little softie cupcake is being shipped off to Malaysia on Monday. The little green amigurumi elephant has already been shipped off to live in Colorado.
BTW, I used Lion Brand's pattern to make the little elephant.

I included some brightly colored Mardi Gras beads from a parade we went to last night...

Gotta share the love!
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