Monday, May 31, 2010

Mosaic Monday

I didn't think I would be able to meet May's YOE challenge with all the "end-of-the-school-year" happenings but managed to do so.

Here is the bird bath I made:

and a close up of the sun:

The sun is made from an Ann Frantic piece that my sister gave to Curly Girl. It fell off her dresser years ago and broke so I put it with my mosaic supplies. When I showed CG the finished bird bath, she was thrilled!

...As for the ladybug, I put one in all my mosaics :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tie One On

I joined Angry chicken's latest Tie One On challenge.

The theme is Alice in Wonderland. I tried incorporating a few things from the book/movie without making it too busy.
I got this applique off etsy and used it as my main idea...the tea party.

a few bits for the pocket detail...

here it is on...

While getting the supplies to make the apron, I went bonkers and got too much I'm ready to make another.

Sounds like the perfect theme for my next apron swap...

...curiouser and curiouser...

Friday, May 28, 2010

This is what crafty people do while watching t.v.

Mojo keeps stealing the cats toy I made him some balls.

look how happy!

I love that they won't break anything in the house when we throw them....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birds and Blooms

We have had such wonderful weather, our yard has just taken off.

Look at some of the pretty blooms...

Our basil was full so I hacked it all down and made 2 pounds of my basil butter to put into the here to get the recipe, etc.

Look at the empty pots...nothing left but these little sticks.....they'll be full again soon though. I love how basil flourishes the more you cut it.

The birds are back and have taken an interest in the tomatoes.
I'm glad I planted several...
along with more basil and some bell peppers.

I watched two lovely birds investigate the birdhouse.
They took turns checking it out throughout the day Monday and began furnishing it Tuesday.
This is the male, he has a lovely crest on his head.

Here is the female checking out the box:

I'd never seen one before but looked them up and found out they are Great Crested Flycatchers:
Aren't they pretty!

We are also thrilled because the hummingbirds and red headed woodpeckers are back this year.
As a special treat we've also got bluebirds and Texas house finches here right now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monkeying around...

Lately I've seen so many cute crocheted aprons that I decided to make one.

I used some leftover yarn from a sock monkey blanket I made 3 years ago.....look how CUTE!

I used the Happy Hooker's Crochet Stitch n' Bitch book for the monkey face pattern.*

I had just enough yarn to finish it!

If any crocheter is interested in how I did you go:

For the body:
I used an "I" hook and crocheted 8 granny squares. (I did one solid so the face would show up.)
I attached the squares with slip stitch.
I went around the entire apron with sc to give it a nice edge.
I did NOT make a waistband.

For the ties:
I chained 130 for the first tie and then crocheted across the top of the apron, attaching the chain as I went, like how you did in the shamrock garland.
Then, I chained 130 on the other side for the other tie.
Turn and sc across.
Turn, sc across. I would have done it three times but ran out of yarn.

*For the face, I used an H hook instead of the one listed in the book.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I found these sad looking little gnomes in the dollar bin at Target. They've been there for about a month...maybe longer.
Noone would buy them because they so sad (and ugly, too....)

Who wants a sad gnome?

But then yesterday, I noticed they were marked to 50 cents so I took them home and gave them a makeover.

Now they look like this:


I think so....and here is where they live for now...

The fairies don't mind...such hussies!

Gee, I wonder what my next YOE theme will be?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Year of Enchantment, May

May's theme was the mermaid and the challenge was paper.

Here is what I created for Ramie. She already got it and loves it!

It is rather large but I truly love how it turned out!

Here is the rest of the package. I tried to keep everything within the theme.
I crocheted a journal cover out of the softest yarn I've ever felt...and luckily found the perfect little shell shaped button for it's closure.

I also made some bath salts and a mermaid bookmark with pretty yarn.

I included the baubles because she likes to craft with them. The beads are for those days when she puts on her suit and plays mermaid in the pool. The seeds are my favorite so I just had to share some!
I found the oyster shell and it was so pretty once cleaned...thought she could use it somehow.

I thought the quote on the shell was wonderful! It reads:

"When a person knows who she really is,
Once she understands her wild, oceanic self
She discovers her old mermaid self..."

This is the wonderful package I got in return.....

Isn't she AMAZING! I love her 'lady parts' and hair!

Ramie also sent me a starfish candy dish and yummy chocolates (which are in the freezer getting hard again)....a sweet mermaid pouch with jewels...see it on her wrist?

some mermaid papers...much too pretty to use!

Fun fabric...and....a wonderful toadstool panel!

I love EVERYTHING and feel so very spoiled.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation day....

Look at that SMILE!

Curly Girl graduated from 6th grade! We are VERY proud of her. She has a folder full of accomplishments...impressive!

A few of us went to Chili's for a little celebration lunch.......

We started out with 5 people at a table and kept on adding more and more people. By the time we ordered we had 3 full tables! The poor waiter is on the right in the photo. Don't feel to badly for him though, we made sure to give him a good tip and the girls fawned all over him.

Tomorrow we take the teachers their gardening baskets.....

Curly Girl made the cards all on pretty card stock....but we got the idea from Tammy. I just didn't have time to crochet the flowers!

and on the inside:

Watch out Junior High... yikes!

Monday, May 17, 2010

good mail day...

Last week, I came home and had 2 packages waiting for me!

I was in Shawnee's latest apron swap.
Solidia pulled my name and created this amazing apron for me and included a fun cooking magazine:

the apron is FABULOUS and I adore it!

Thank you so much Solidia!!!

I also got Kim's package from YOE and about fell OVER. I was totally overwhelmed!

The birdies she made me were lovely....

but she also sent these ornies....

along with TONS of other goodies...too many to mention....stash bits, candy, baubles for mosaics, stickers, vintage papers, candles, appliques...

all lovingly packed into 2 of her hand made ornament boxes!

oh, and don't think I forgot the APRON you saw under the 2 birdies!

Isn't it adorable! Thank you SO much Kim!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

crafty stuff....

My latest project for craft hope is on it's way. These bean bags are going to Liberia to help educate orphans.

Read more about the project here...but have some tissues handy. If you are crafty at all, please consider joining in the mission with the next project!

When we took our whirlwind trip to see my mom for Mother's Day, I took my sister her birthday gift so I wouldn't have to mail it later. She wears an apron almost daily which is giving me a thrill....I plan on helping her stock up!
She is quite the "girly girl" and loves vintage looks so I knew she would LOVE this fabric! I had a cute vintage doily planned for a pocket but once made I made the apron, I couldn't bear to cover any part of it up!

Today I am OFF (well, until noon) and plan on working on my May challenge....what are your plans?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love how our yard turns into a garden each Spring......we have such a long growing season, it is one thing I LOVE about being back on the Gulf Coast.
Here are just a few things that look so different with a little 'green' around them!

Fairy House:

even with the fog...looks so much happier!

Bat house turned into bird house:
apparently the squirrels moved in...they even chewed off the little perch!

Ladybug House:

and yes.....we have lots of ladybugs!
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