Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

I joined Christine's annual Halloween swap again this year. It is such a fun and simple swap that I just knew I'd enjoy it.
You had to mail her 2 treats and 1 trick, once everyone mailed them in to her, she would mix them up and mail them back!

I sent in a glamorously ghoulish glittery pumpkin...

and a creepy skele-pin too....

an owl to wear...

and a tricksy garland....I found the garland font/idea here.

I put a few extras in for the hostess and let her is how they look all wrapped up. My favorite is the spidery choker but I forgot to take a photo of it.

and I got some tricks and treats in return:

a photograph of a poor demon possessed soul complete with death certificate...

A treacherous witch's brew kit that I've already put to good use...

....such a bewitching little witch on the lid...

my treat was a Halloween apron! (Christine certainly knows her swappers!)

and a wonderously creepy necklace from the ghostess herself! Made by her minions, I'm sure...

Thank you for hosting Christine!

And to everyone who ventured here....

Have a Happy Halloween tonight!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spookify me Saturday

Welcome to the last week of Spookify Me Saturday!

This is another super easy project I did to spruce up a couple
Halloween packages. Someone else made these too but since I'd already scheduled the post, I decided to let it run...

Here is what you need...

Take your clothes pins and paint them a Halloween color....I used black because I had it on hand.

Once dried, just glue some spooky critters onto them.

How EASY is that! And look how cute and spooky!

I like the witch fingers the best!

I think these would be great if you get a lot of Halloween cards or maybe to hold a Halloween garland........

your next!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wicked Word Wednesday

Here is this year's last Wicked Word:

Unlike Mummify, or the process of mummification, mommify, is much more sinister.


To change one's appearance into a loving motherly form that will entice young children to ones home.

Facing the photo below you will see that the witch on the right has not been mommified and you can be sure that children would not go anywhere near her!

The witch on the left has been mommified and most children will happily accept candy from her...and once they do that, they are DOOMED!

Cooking with the Witch - Orange 241 Cinema Tickets


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mommy's little helper

Each year I use those little Halloween envelopes and put a couple pieces of candy and a scary toy in them.

It helps me keep up with how many we give away so I can plan for next year.
This year I decided not to do that and instead made little ghosts out of suckers.
I used coffee filters instead of tissue and they turned out so cute!


I had a lot of fun making them....and so did Suki. Aw, look how sweet, here she is pulling out a sucker for me.

and here she is picking one out for me to ghostify

and here she is taking one I finished to put in the 'done pile.'

WAIT a she is taking off with it!

HEY! I thought she was supposed to be helping me!

But she wouldn't give them back....she batted them around on the floor...

and guarded them....

and then batted them around some more....more than once.

We'd have to chase her down and take them away. I finally gave her one of her own.
She batted it around until the ghost AND the wrapper came off and then lost interest...thank goodness!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Maladies...

Avanti "Feeling Green?" Sick Frog Get Well Card
Today is our 4th and final installment of Monday's Maladies.

"Stink Eye"

This is a highly contagious, yet not dangerous disease.
When one is affected by stink eye, the affected eye is red and irritated causing the witch to squint.
Before being listed as a disease, many people believed they were simply being glared at.
Due to this misunderstanding, the phrase
"giving her the stink eye" was coined.

"Obsessive Repulsive Disorder"

Another disease of the older generation wherein disgust of the younger set is a constant source of irritation.

"Irritable Howl Syndrome"

Another disease to affect werewolves. This is a disease affects werewolves once they return to their human state.
A compulsive syndrome, when angered, the human will involuntarily throw their heads back and howl.
This type of behavior is seen throughout the world at parties and other crowded events. Therefore, most people believe it is celebratory in nature, which is false.

"Old Crones Disease"

This disease affects elderly witches. Once affected, they cannot conjure dehagification correctly and have difficulty ensnaring male victims. As the disease progresses, they age abnormally quickly.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spookify me Saturday

This week I'm showing some fun pumpkins I did.

I bought the pumpkins for a buck each at Wally World...

I took a sharpie and added a spooky word to it. Then I used some glue and black glitter. Let it dry, add a bow and spider.

But on the these, I painted them white and let them dry. Then I painted on a thin coat of Modge Podge and covered them in white glitter. Then I added the bows and spiders...

Cute but creepy!

your next!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Poe and more Poe...

This year I hosted an Edgar Allen Poe altered art swap.
The idea was to read the E.A.P. story your partner picked out and then alter a cigar box to represent the story.

I had a ball rereading "Some Words With A Mummy."
Most people think E.A.P. is a totally dark and morbid writer, but he was funny too.
If you don't believe me, read the story!

Here is what I created for my partner:

First...a cigar box altered to look like a mummy! I really liked how this guy turned out.

inside...the "bejeweled" box

then I made a mummy...with some wire (part of the story), included some meds for Edgar, a recipe from the story, a 'Boo' banner, a skele-pin, glittered pumpkin and 'demummification' bath salts.....
When I packed it, I included a stem of red roses.....if you know about Poe, then you know someone leaves red roses on his grave each year....

I chose the same story and got this from my partner:

front of an altered box:

and the inside....creepy!

and the other goodies including some toys for trick or treaters a fun bracelet and a nickel.
Why a nickel? POE had all sorts of elevated chemicals in his system, including nickel but they ruled out nickel poisoning...interesting!

I really, really, really hope that spider in the sucker isn't real........ewwwwww!

I also joined altered art junkie's Halloween swap. I had such fun creating stuff for it!

Here is what I made for my partner Vanessa. I knew she liked spiders so went with that.

then you open up the front

and then you flip up the last door so the wrapped up bug swings down...

and here are the rest of the goodies I sent her... kitchen towels, a mummy hand, a skele-pin, bath salts, a banner that says Spooky and other stuff...

oh! see that big spider? its attached to a is a photo of how it will look on...creepy!

and here is what I received from Vanessa:

How did she know I like Poe...she must have been stalking me a bit!

She also made some cute Halloween magnets but I like them too much to leave them on the frig so I'm going to have to decorate something with them. Click on the pic to enlarge it.
She included a little mystery book, an ornament and some fun spider earrings.

Here is Edgar's close up.......he looks quite dashing, doesn't he!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wicked Word Wednesday

Today's Wicked Word is:


Another favorite of wicked witches.
A lullabye is not to be confused with a lullaby. Whereas a lullaby is used to soothe a child to sleep, a lullabye is a siren song used to lure children away from the safety of their homes in order to capture them.

In the following clip, you will witness lullabye in use:

Monday, October 18, 2010


Saturday Matt went to his first Homecoming dance.

He and his date looked wonderful if I do say so myself. We took him to her house and they all left from there....some sort of double date.

I know he had fun because he answered questions using more than one syllable.....

Monday's Maladies...

Avanti "Feeling Green?" Sick Frog Get Well Card

Welcome to week 3 of Monday's Maladies!

"Inflammatory Howl Disease"

This disease affects werewolves. Very much like strep throat, the best thing to do is rest your voice. Unfortunately, when a full moon rises, werewolves cannot resist the urge to howl, which leads to a severely sore throat and irritability.


This affects new witches and warlocks. Symptoms are similar to what humans call the 'flu.'
There is general stiffness and soreness of the body which leads to loud moaning by the witch or warlock who is ill.


This is seasonal and related to hay fever. Those affected will involuntarily conjure a cow with each sneeze.
Although it is not considered dangerous to the witch, it IS dangerous to those nearby as there is no control over where the cow will land. Therefore, one needs to use caution so as not to get squished.


Similar to Felineicity. This typically affects those witches and warlocks who turn themselves into bats frequently. Since it affects the sinuses and ears, Batulism impairs the sonar used to fly while in bat form. This causes erratic flying and crashes, which are often fatal. Batulism has been known to cross contaminate into vampire clans.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spookify me Saturday

Here is my 'project' for week 3.

It is so easy and fast.....and perfect for Halloween!

Take a couple of cheapo owls you bought at Goodwill for a buck each....

Then spray paint them a glossy black....and add red rhinestones for eyes!

Presto-Changeo.....Hoooooooo's scary now!

Feel free to link up your project!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Frankie, a blankie and a Toy Drop too...

Meet Frankie, I made him for my Halloween tree

the secret to his head? one of those caps from a soda bottle! I just stuffed it up inside and his head has that big forehead...hard to see in this photo though.

Here is my teeny Halloween tree, if you click on the photo, you can see it better.

I have a coworker expecting in December so I made her this blanket. I think she'll like it...especially since she picked out the yarn!

I made a gnome for this month's toy drop but Kaela refused to part with him.
Apparently, I'm supposed to make an entire group of gnomes for our mantel this Christmas! Anyone know what a group of gnomes is called?

Anyway, we dropped this little mushroom instead.

we crept into the local library and dropped it in the fairytale section before getting caught...

there were plenty of kids there so I'm sure it found a good home.
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