Friday, August 29, 2008

Boomin' Aprons Scary Swap!

Here are a few photos from the latest Halloween Apron swap I was in.

My partner really likes witches and she requested a full sized apron. I made her a fun apron using Lucy's is such a great pattern.

It turned out REALLY cute and I almost couldn't part with it.

I made it has a pocket on the other side. I especially like the fabric I used for the ruffle!

We had to include a potholder and a goody bag to hold candy. I decided to make her a tote instead because I thought it would be fun to use during the month of October. This one has a different set of pockets on the reverse side.

I also included a Halloween bookmark and some favorite recipes.

My partner, Marcel, from Aunt Pitty Pat's sent me this WONDERFUL fun autmny apron.
I haven't seen this fabric anywhere around here so I was really thrilled. I love the waistband and that the ties are really wide and long. I tend to wrap ties around my waist and then tie them in front.
She included lots of Halloween goodies too.....of which were quickly confiscated by my 2 kids.
No surprise there.

She used different fabric for the goody bag and potholder. She also included a cookie cutter and a jack o' lantern treat bag...I refused to give THAT up.
The kids got the candy, but the bag is MINE! Oh and some great autumn napkins.....looks like I cleaned up!

Here is a close up of the cute little jack 'o' can't see him in the first picture....she had him all wrapped up.....

Thank you Marcel!!!!


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

You are very welcome.. I loved making that apron for you. I think it turned out pretty nice.. I too had trouble parting with it.
I am so in love with the apron that you made me. Fantastic I must say :) Especially the black ruffle with little witches on it :)
Thank you so much for the wonderful extras you sent along with it. Until next time.... happy sewing :)
You be safe with the hurricane coming in!!!

jillytacy said...

Great swap goodies! Lucky you! I really like the purple apron and tote you made. I'm not usually big on purple but I love the purple apron with the black ruffle! Great for Halloween.

Kellie said...

Perfect apron for Halloween! I love it and the matching tote and potholder are just fantastic!

I'll definitely be catching up w/your blog...I've been scrolling around and I can see that I've missed so much great stuff!

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