Friday, April 27, 2012

paperclay ornaments

Dean was out of town last weekend and I made some ornaments for YOE.

I had some paper clay on hand and got to work making ornaments. After several fails, I decided paper clay is not for me. As much as I love it, I just don't have the skills for it. I'm not ever going to make is as a "sculptor!"

Luckily, I did manage to make a few things out of it which I thought turned out pretty well.

A trio of little paperclay pins...

paperclay birdie in a party hat....

And two paperclay snowmen...

While all the glitter was drying on the other ornaments, I made these felt bunny ornaments for someone else:

Last but not least is this little bird in her nest:

I used a small antique ladle and bent the handle back so it doesn't need a hanger.

I was going to embellish it a bit but once on the tree, I decided to leave it alone because the tinsel picks up the lights so well.

My little YOE tree is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see what it looks like this year.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

red bird

Look what was sitting in the middle of a 4 lane road...

I don't know if he'd smacked into a car and been stunned (or what) but since it was after 5 pm, my vet was closed so I just checked him over myself.
He didn't seem injured and was pretty active, peeping at me the whole time I was holding him.

I moved him to an area with some bushes, said a prayer over him and left...but as soon as pulled into our driveway, I turned around and went back for him!
I'm happy to say in the 5 minutes it took, he had already flown off and was up in a tree.

Monday, April 23, 2012

crochet cell phone cover

I needed to make myself a new cell phone cover to replace the one I made a couple years ago.

After seeing these...

I made this....

Wishing you all a happy week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strawberry Festival

Dean used to go to the Strawberry Festival as a child and wanted to go again with our kids.

We piled into the car, the festival was about 45 minutes away in Ponchatoula. We had to park about 4 blocks out but it was a GORGEOUS day.

Kaela invited a friend and they went on some rides. Kaela loves the kind of rides that would make me sick....her friend, not so much.

This ride was just a warm up....

for THIS one.....

.how do you like going upside down?

that ride was a little more than even Kaela expected!

The lines to the rides were really long so Matt and I went found some shade while we waited.

Then he won Kaela a big dog at the basketball shoot....first try.

lots of people, lots of food.....

I can't imagine walking around a festival in these shoes...

The strawberries were picked that morning and out of an entire flat of strawberries, there were only 3 that were bad.

We dipped some, froze some, sliced some with sugar and left some whole for snacking. They were so time we are getting two flats!

by Monday ALL the chocolate dipped ones were gone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Boy...

Yesterday was Dean's birthday. My sweet husband turned 43. We didn't do much, had a quiet birthday celebration at home.
(We did go to the strawberry festival for him but more on that Wednesday.)

After church, Dean made Philly cheese steaks while the kids rough housed.

I have NO idea why Matt drug Kaela up the stairs.....

but she came back down, happy and ready to eat....

The sandwiches were awesome as usual. Don't feel bad for Dean for cooking on his birthday, this is his favorite meal to make.

Besides, I cleaned up!

after eating one of these (or two if your named Matthew) won't eat again that day!

Since he is trying to be good he insisted NO cake....and picked a yogurt and homemade granola parfait with berries.

But I don't like yogurt and besides, you can't have a birthday without a cake so I made his favorite...a plain old yellow cake with chocolate icing....topped with chocolate dipped strawberries...yum!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! We love you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make It Monthly

I was off last week for Easter break and our family plans fell through.

No biggie, I thought the kids could go to the local pool and get some sun.....but then the big storm from Texas hit and it rained almost the entire week.

So... instead, the kids hung out with friends and I worked on this month's Christmas gift.

I crocheted lots and lots of play food....and by Thursday you couldn't have PAID me to pick up a crochet hook!

Look at all the colors in this looks like a play food harvest:

Here it is, packaged and ready for gift giving. What is it about a little bag and top that makes it look so much cuter?

LinkIf anyone is interested, I got the cookie pattern free at the crochet bakery.
I bought the cupcake pattern from Ana Paula and have the strawberry pattern here. The rest I just sort of made up as I went along but didn't take the time to write anything down.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A day in the city, part 2

Sunday we went into New Orleans after church to go to the zoo.
One thing we love to do is to drive around after and see what is new in the city. There is ALWAYS something going on...and Sunday was no exception.

Look at all these neat poodles we found.
Each was done with a different theme. There were a few we couldn't back track to because the traffic was awful.
I hope to get photos of those in the next couple of weeks though...

And check out these WICKED jellyfish lights...oh my GOSH how I wish I had one of these in my home!

We see these two trucks down by the zoo every time we fun.
You can't tell but they are chopped and REALLY clown cars. Every time we see them we laugh. Especially when we see the guys driving them...they look like giants in them!

We also pass this terrace every time we go to the zoo, I just love the look of it. Ferns simply thrive in New Orleans. In fact, everything thrives and there is a lush look all over the city.

Matt noticed this gutter....and made a wisecrack about the good drainage NOLA is known can't see it but the entire thing is clogged with mud.
Probably left over from Katrina.

And everywhere you look (up) you can still see beads in the trees. I know it is trashy but they always make me smile. They are an integral part of the city and I just think they are pretty.

On our way out, we saw this lady....there were tons of folks jazzed up for Easter....she just happened to be close to us as we drove by.

Even though we live close by, and even though Dean works in the CBD every day, there is always something to see when we go in....the sights never fail you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A day in the city..part 1

Ever since the children were young, we have had a quiet family Easter with a special dinner. It was by default really, because we've always lived so far from family.
But this year, we had made some plans that fell through. At the last minute I realized I hadn't given any thought to Easter dinner.

So after church, we went into New Orleans to play...we didn't really know WHAT we were going to do but once we got into town, we ate at Superior Grill and then went to the zoo.

The first thing I did was drop this little fairy house I had made last year for this month's toy drop.

The zoo hadn't been spruced up for tourists yet but since the weather was nice, almost all of the animals were out. It really was a perfect day for going to the zoo....not too hot with a nice breeze.

The birds were BUSY...lots of courting and nesting going on....

look at this wood duck...he was showing off for a very pretty lady duck who was playing coy

two pairs of loons showed us a little X rated show but I didn't take photos of that!

these horn bills were busy courting too, the male was feeding the female and was not pleased when we interrupted him...

this pelican was chasing a baby turtle....but didn't catch it. These pelicans are HUGE!

and these flamingos were super bright today...and showing off for one another.

these beautiful guys had nests everywhere in the aviary. I don't know how they don't fall out with the nest opening on the bottom....

a sign said 2 scarlet ibis babies hatched...unfortunately we couldn't find them but we did find dad...or mom?

This Louisiana Barred Owl was hit by a car at night while hunting. He was lucky though and fully recovered. He is now helping to educate people.

this guy was so LITTLE last year...amazing what a year can do...another few years and he will be as big as the adults.

nothing exciting going on here...I just love turtles and tortoises

These hunting dogs are housed right next to the Thompson's gazelle...doesn't seem fair. They can actually see them through the chain link fence. They have a little path they've worn out right next to the fence.

The kids stopped long enough for me to take a few photos of them....

I even got one of Dean.....

We were leaving the gift shop empty handed when I spied this little change purse. How could I resist?!

Then we drove around a bit taking in the sights...but that is for Wednesday's post.
For us to have just thrown together an Easter outing, it was a great day.
We may not have had a special dinner but just being together was good enough for us.
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