Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been scalped!

If my basil could talk......that is what it would say. I almost feel guilty when I go out and whack it back like that. But it had gotten so big that I simply had to cut it back. From the picture you can't tell that I cut it back by HALF!

Look at all this beautiful green basil!

Curly Girl was eager to help me make some basil butter. She enjoyed 'posing' for the camera!

I noticed she snagged one of MY favorite aprons....the one Heather sent me!

Next time I harvest I'll be making pesto and some basil/olive oil cubes for soups! YUM!


So here we are with Ripstick Boy's ribbons and medal for the championship meet.

He looks pretty pleased! I would be too........he certainly earned these!
More importantly is that he qualified to go and that he beat his own time in each event he was in.
The ribbons are for individual heats and the medal is for a relay he was in with 3 other boys.

Sweetly Spooky.....

Jill from Nature Girl was my booming aprons swap partner. I got so lucky, she sent me the BEST Halloween package!

She couldn't decide which way to she sent me TWO aprons! One with a creepy little spider and one with a spider that is holding a trick or treat pumpkin. I really love them both and can't pick a favorite! The appliqued one is dressier because of the satin so I think I'll wear it Halloween day while I deliver cupcakes to my kid's classes!

Here is a close up of the spider....she did a GREAT job! If you look closely, you can see that she did webbing over the entire apron! It takes a lot of work to get that right.

This is the one with the cute little spider has a set of pockets across the front.

And looked what else!
She sent me some pretty fall fabric for my table, a favorite recipe of theirs, 2 cute Halloween pins and a toadstool (yeah!) needle book! I've never had a needle book before so that is really special...she even put a pocket in it for a small pair of scissors.

BTW, If you click on the photo, you can read the recipe and use it for your family too. It looks really good.

Thank you Jill and Nature Girl.....this was an extra special package and I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Halloween in July...

I was in Booming Aprons 'Halloween in July' apron swap. I couldn't post what I sent until I knew Jill had received it. Well, she did so here we go! It was the first full sized apron I've ever made and I used Lucy's Sassy Apron pattern. I was pleased with how it turned out.
Jill had asked for an apron she could wear for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I found this really cute Debbie Mum fabric on eBay and couldn't pass it up. It has everything she had listed as liking...scarecrows, pumpkins, crows....the works.

I made her daughter, Nature Girl, this little one with cute spooky faces on it! I appliqued the pocket on the INSIDE too for fun.

I included several other, some table decor, place cards for a fun spooky dinner.
But I was most excited about the cupcake toppers I made for her to use. I have just started making them and was pleased with how well they turned out!
No more store bought toppers for me!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The postman rings times... I totally stole that title but who cares?

I hadn't posted about the swaps I had received because our computer was misbehavin' but now I can.

First of all, I got this cute ladybug from Wanda along with some felt and cute buttons. Then the next day, I received a fun, squishy toadstool from Nicole .

Then Jennifer sent me this fabulous BOX 'O' STUFF the NEXT day!
Unbeknownst to me, she was my partner in a couple different swaps. So she mailed it all out together. You could hear me down the block. I was squealing with delight. I'd been wondering what lucky girl would get the owl tote she made. It was great is that!

The other swap was for a cowboy themed apron. The one she made is too cute! It has fringe on the hemline.......and a fab leather tie at the waist. I'd post more photos but I already did last week. (I stole the photos off Jenn's blog.) In case you missed it, here is the owl and here is the apron.

The same day I got Jennifer's box 'o' stuff, I got another amazing swap package from Aimee for another apron swap!

Thank you ladies!

Monday, July 28, 2008

And fun was had by all..........

Our computer died before I could post my birthday pics so here are a few. We didn't take that many. We were all stomping around the Quarter.
But here are a few from the grand 'eating of the cake' ceremony.

Oh, TWO cakes! Yeah.....I'm so excited! And BOTH were chocolate........
You like how they had to BLARE out my AGE on the cakes with those mega gigantic candles? Yikes.......

Check out the FEET by Ripstick Boy's HEAD...the look on his face is priceless! Why are those feet so red and SHINY? And WHO do they belong to?

As for my shopping cart the day before. I had 10 boxes of kleenex, 1 case of beer and 6 bottles of wine. A lady walking by looked in my cart and looked up at me and said 'bad day?' I was cracking up all the way home.......

Friday, July 25, 2008


Since my computer is still at the hospital, I had to go out and steal another photo from Jenn's blog in order to do my post today.

She sent me this fun apron for the "Hittin' The Trail" apron swap!

It is VERY can't see too well in the photo but she added some cute fringe at the very bottom....she left the edges unhemmed but with a seam set a bit in from the it would fray a little in the wash...but not TOO much!
The bracelet on her wrist was also included....and it is really pretty.

All of it was wrapped up in a really cute hobo bag made with denim and cowboy fabric, tied with
twine........very, very cute!
I took a photo of the bag and will post it later...HOPEFULLY by next week....

Thank you Jenn for a rootin' tootin' apron!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whooooooooo got the cutest OWL tote ever?

ME, thats WHOOOO!

That's right. I got this AMAZING owl tote from Jenn and absolutely love it.
I have a thing for owls and polka'd she know that!

This tote is so cute, it is reversible with lots of pockets.....oh, and it is HUGE! I'm talking, go to the store and fill it with groceries huge....or go to the thrift store or library.
The wide straps will keep it from biting into my shoulders which is wonderful.
Okay so I had to steal the pictures from Jenn's blog because my computer still won't behave so I can't download any of the photos I have taken. Hope thats okay, I just couldn't wait to show off my new tote!

Thank you SO MUCH Jenn!
And a shout out 'Thank You' to Tracey over at "Itchin" for hosting this fab swap.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I hate it when computers don't do what they are supposed to.
That being said, OUR computer is being naughty.....I won't be posting much with our normal photos until we get it fixed.
Cross your fingers it isn't BBBAAADDD.

Oh yeah......and our a/c went out 2 hours after our family left this weekend.

Things come in threes.........yikes...........

Thing number three.....wasp stings.........okay. I'm done now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We have a WINNER! I had the BEST birthday weekend!
My whole family came over....for the first time in years. We simply haven't lived close enough to do it was a real treat!
We took everyone to the Quarter for the day. Some people went to the Napolean exhibit, some people went shopping, some of us stopped for some beignets.......and more shopping!

Afterwards, we walked around a bit, then went to lunch at one of our favorite places...The Gumbo Shop. I had 2 margaritas.....1 too many.....but who counts on your birthday?
Then we dashed over to Metarie so my sister and her husband could look at a furniture store.

Count in all the well wishes I got for my birthday and it was a fabulous weekend!

Speaking of well wishes....I used a random number generator this time and the winner is comment number 24......Lilith!
Okay....Lilith...I need you to email me your address and choice of apron. You said the green one which I think you mean the one with rick rack....but I need to make sure!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday WEEKEND a special one!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthdays and Giveaways......

Look at what the postman delivered to me yesterday! I love getting good things in the mail.
I bought the canisters on etsy a couple weeks ago.
The ladybug and toadstool were from 2 swaps I was in thru swap-bot.

Cute, huh?!

Today is my birthday. Everyone in my family is coming over for the weekend. It will be the first time in 12 years since everyone came to OUR house all at the same time.
Last time was when our son was born! We moved a couple years later and always lived too far apart to get together other than once a year. I have lots to do before they all arrive!

As for the giveaway.....just leave me a comment with Birthday wishes...I need them.....I turned __ today! I'll draw a name on Monday and post who wins this cute apron I made:

or this one....

or this one....

Be sure to note which apron you'd like!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toadstool Tuesday

I am in a toadstool stuffy swap on swap-bot right now. I had some remnants of this polka dotted fabric and thought it would make a cute toadstool did!

I hope my partner likes it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hittin' The style

I'm in an apron swap on swap-bot right now. The theme is "Hittin' the Trail"....for cowboy or western inspired aprons and recipes.
My partner got her apron from me already so I can safely post the pictures now without spoiling the fun.
I had some cowboy fabric picked out but Linda really isn't into the whole cowboy look and said she preferred bandana fabric. I was in luck because Hobby Lobby had this pretty fabric on sale. Once I found the gingham, I new it would come together and be cute.

I added 3 one pot recipes....Cowboy Cobbler, Strick'n Chicken Stew and Chuck Wagon Chili.
I also included a few tea bags and some cooking utensils to complete the package for her.


Friendly competition!

Yesterday was the Championship for this area's swim teams. It was a 2 day event....I'm so glad I only had to be there for the 12 and up age group. It was SOOOOO HOT!

Ripstick Boy did very well. He shaved off 12 seconds on his Freestyle!
He just kept focused and didn't worry about what the other boys were doing....and it paid off.

Here he is with his ribbon...he tied with the boy who ALWAYS wins the Freestyle for the team. (who BTW, shaved off 3 seconds from his own best time.)

Just because they are friends doesn't mean they can't have a little competition between them!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Local Wildlife

I just happened to see this little fawn lurking in amongst our ferns. Isn't she lovely?

My daughter, Curly Girl, named her 'Little Flower.'

Check out Curly Girl's other artwork here.

Ribbons from the "A" meet!

Two weeks ago, Ripstick Boy competed in the "A" meet competition.
He did very well overall.....even though he got DQ'd in the backstroke.....which is too bad....he had a great time. He did his flip turn too soon and had to add a stroke....oops.
But he managed to shave time off every single event....and even shave 11 seconds off his butterfly time!

He had stuffed his ribbons into his duffel bag and forgot about them until yesterday. So after carefully ironing MOST of the creases out, here he is with his ribbons!

Great job!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Patriotic Tote Bag

I am in a tote bag swap hosted by Tracey. I finished my partner's tote and mailed it off so I thought I'd go ahead and post it. Partners are a mystery so no harm there.

It was my first tote and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used the tote in Simple Sewing as a guideline but didn't actually follow the directions. I was too anxious to get it done.
I lined it with a coordinating fabric and added some pockets. I also made sure to use some 'hinted' at fabric that my partner likes!

It was hard for me not to use it on July 4th when we were at City Park for the day......I would have made 2 but didn't have enough fabric. *sigh*

We were to include a book recommendation but I included a great book I just happened to have 2 copies of. I also included flower and herb seeds, a couple great recipes, 1 yard of cute summery fabric (required) and the little bit of leftover fabric from the tote. You never know when you'll need it!

Hope she likes it......

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quiet contemplation

Every now and then you take a photo that doesn't look like much at first glance. But then you look at it again and see it differently.

That is how it is with this picture. There is so much going on in the picture that at first (and second) glance, you don't even notice Ripstick Boy sitting quietly....waiting for his next heat.

You see the girl in the water and think the picture is about her.....but it isn't....there was a false start so everyone in that particular heat had to come back and start over.

It isn't until you look past all the timer's legs that you see a 12 year old boy, sitting quietly, waiting for his turn to swim.

I like pictures that make you stop or take notice or think. That is what this picture did for me.
It's not a particularly good picture...we've learned how difficult it is to take a good picture during a crowded swim meet... its even harder to take 'action' photos!

As for that particular swim meet, Ripstick Boy did really well again. He beat his own time in a few heats and wasn't as concerned about his competition. He simply ENJOYED himself.

He has learned so much since his first meet!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Movies and Munchies

The last few weeks have been pretty busy around here with lots of company.
Today, we are taking a break and just hanging out....watching movies and eating munchies.

The kids made a favorite treat....something sweet and salty with just enough chocolate.
I started making this when the kids were both itty bitty and they loved it so much....they eventually took over!

Here is the 'recipe' if you'd like to try it yourself:

Preheat Broiler RIGHT before making these or the oven will be too hot and the marshmallows will brown before the peanut butter melts!

Take slices of white bread (or soft wheat)
Slather with a thick layer of peanut butter
Top with an equal amount of m&m candies and mini sure to cover the entire piece of bread.
Broil until the marshmallows start to brown....or even burn! It just takes a minute so watch carefully.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!

Dean's sister is here visiting for the week with her two boys. Although we have firework plans later tonight, we thought it would be a big treat to go into New Orleans to the city park!

We had SUCH fun.......we went straight to Story Land and the amusement park part of city park.
Since my neck was acting up, I was the designated photographer for the day.

Here I am with Ripstick Boy.......I HAD to get a picture with the toadstools.....I was the only one excited about them. They had them EVERYWHERE in Story Land.
It was hard keeping our two groups together. Our kids are older so they spun through pretty quickly...eager to get to the rides. Pam's family did the 'Family Circus' thing and went around and around and around each area until they were totally done with it!

Before we left Story Land, Dean and Ripstick Boy both attempted to wake Snow White.

Alas, neither of my VERY Handsome Princes could wake Snow White today.........maybe next time.

Once we got to the amusement park side, our two groups managed to stay together.

Not even rain could deter the two fearless "Green" Barons!
What a GREAT day....even if tonight gets rained out, this will be one of my FAVORITE July 4th celebrations!

Happy 4th!
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