Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Crochet Club

I co-sponsor a crochet club at our school.  It is pretty neat teaching students this fiber art.    We keep it simple and just teach the basics.     

It amazes me how many children don't know how to make a slip knot but each year we have to teach this simple knot.    Growing up, I knew all sorts of knots.  The kids I grew up with could turn a blade of grass into a whistle and weave pine needles into bracelets.  Now, kids are so wrapped up in video games, they don't have the patience for actually learning something useful.
I fear knit and crochet will slowly erode and become one of those lost arts like canning and pickling has become in mainstream America.  

The students come in every Monday and we split them up according to skill level, pass out any needed supplies and get to work.   (We supply the yarn)  They love learning and we can hear them chatting, explaining it to each other in "kid terms."  They are so proud of their creations. 

Each month we choose what to make for this little tree in the front office.   This was the beginning of our Halloween tree.  By the time they were done, it had spiders and kitties and black popcorn garland ...lots of twirlies too.  

As for me, I don't know where my time goes.   This is about the only knit/crochet I've been doing of late.    I am hoping that I'll find some time settle on the couch and create something pretty...and soon!
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