Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beach in a box

I was in Garb-oodles apron swap and guess who my partner was? WILD JENN!
Jenn had commented on being a bit saddened by seeing 'termination snow' outside her window. You'll have to go read her blog to get that definition!

Anyway, I thought she needed a little beach in a box so I came up with this package for her.
I know Alaska has beaches but I don't know if it ever gets warm there.....

Here is the beach babe apron I made...April looks great in it. I liked the fabric so much that I made it reversible...both sides with different beach babes showing.

And here is the rest of the 'stuff' I put together:

Let's see what I sent her.... some fun beach cocktail napkins, some beach cupcake toppers, some beachy recipes, an animal print beach tote (all the rage in the Southern states), and some beach sand from our trip to see my family.
The Gulf Coast beaches are gorgeous.....they have the whitest beaches in the USA so I thought it would be fun to send her some sand from there. I don't know if Alaska has white sand or not.
The only thing I left out was a torrid beach novel.....man I can't believe I left it out!

I'm glad she liked everything.....I had a blast coming up with it for her!


Nichole Gabriel said...

HEY!! That apron is Soooo cute! Thanks so much for checking in on my blog, I need to get better at it (like you are). I also need to get better at my aprons.. ahh, so much to do.

ps: the fresh produce looks devine as well.. I forgot to post about our tomatoes! I think yuou've inspired me.. LOL


jillytacy said...

What a fun theme for the swap! The apron turned out great and I know first hand that you send lots of fun goodies to your swap partners! I'm sure she loved her goodies!

Zoƫ said...

I love that fabric for the apron!! What a great choice. And the apron as always looks great!! What fun!

Unknown said...

Wow this apron is sew cute :) I love it what a wonderful fun Idea. You smart cookie you :)
PS: Your apron is in the mail :)
No really... its really in the mail .. .unlike late bill payments :) LOL

Melissa said...

Love the girl fabric, and the beach sand is priceless!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Val I do love this apron very much!!! It was just what the DR ordered. LOL
Thanks again for the Fab Package.

FourSistersInACottage said...

You are in my Halloween Swap!!! YEAH!!!
Feel free to add the logo to your blog.
Please send your full address and email address to me at FourSistersInACottage@msn.com
so I can match you with your swap partner!!!!

Anonymous said...

a lovely package!

Anonymous said...

that is too beautiful .. your apron for this swap is cut out and will be done by saturday... sorry to be so slow. happy day.

Anonymous said...

ooops, i mean for the princesses in disguise apron swap .... how many swaps are we all IN these days???

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