Saturday, February 28, 2015

February craftiness.....

Wow, this month FLEW past!  With a new puppy in the household, I stay busy with her.  She is growing and is is good to have so much energy in the house! 

I made this cozy as part of my craft challenge on my swap blog.  I had something else in mind but having recently become hooked on "The Walking Dead" series, I decided I'd make something with that in mind!    (During Mardi Gras break, we had several season marathons til 3 am.   Now we are caught up!)  

I continued with my CAL that Kerry is hosting and my stash of granny squares is growing.  I won't start putting them together until the summer.

And I made two scarves I've already blogged about here.  The color block one was supposed to be a Christmas gift but darling daughter snagged it for a friend!  

The last thing I made was a set of hacky sacks for a couple of my nephews.  I made 3 for each of them, that way they can also juggle with them if they want.

I found the pattern here via Tammy's blog.  They worked up quickly.  I already printed up the rules so all that is left is to store them away until Christmas!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drying parsley

Each fall, I harvest and dry my oregano.   This past year, I had some extra basil and dried that too.  I bought 10 bottles from a thrift store for 50 cents each and used some labels and chalk to dress them up before giving them away.  Fresh dried herbs are the best!  You know where they come from and they aren't can actually see the leaves.

The other day, I noticed that my flat leaf parsley was out of a beautiful way. I cook with parsley but there was no way I could use all this.   I didn't want to waste it or let it go to bloom so I decided it was time for a hair cut.   I can always use more dried parsley!  

Here is how I dry my herbs....

First whack them and shake them HARD to get rid of anything creepy crawly on them.   Pull out anything not pretty.  Using about 18 inches of kitchen twine, tie them in smallish bundles upside down.  I use a slip knot.  
After knotting,run the twine through a branch below the knot.  That way, as it dries, the stems won't fall out of the slip knot.

Then stuff them leaf side down into brown paper lunch bags, let the twine hang out of the bag and clip the bag closed.  I clip mine closed right by the stems.  Don't overfill the bags or you run the risk of getting mold.

You can do this step without the bags but I like to use the bags because it catches anything that dries and falls off.  Sometimes I let them dry a few days without the bags and then add them later.

Then tie them to the rail in the wash room.  I use a slip knot here too.  This room gets hot and dry.  Perfect for drying herbs and letting bread dough rise!

Now all I have to do is let time do the work.  Once dried, I can strip the stems and put the parsley into the bottles I have.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

another drive by hooting!

Last week, I drove through a gas station and flung this little guy out the window as a lady walked in to pay for her gas.  He landed by her car door.  

As I drove off, I saw her come out and pick him up.  She looked around and laughed and drove off with him.

Friday, February 20, 2015


5 years ago I bought a little plant for 3 bucks at Wally World.  

I named her Rosemary.   

She wasn't much to look at, but I knew with a little love, she would be fine.  She looked like this girl here....

She started  life out in a trough and was very happy.  

Rosemary started crowding her neighbors so I had to give her a place of her own.  

In 2013, I moved her far away, to the other side of the yard, against the house.  She became really happy and spread out....

As you can see, Rosemary has grown into a big beautiful girl.

She is happy here, in her little corner of the yard.  The best part is that she willingly shares her bounty with us!

Friday favorites

Okay, so these aren't exactly PRODUCTS....but here goes....

Osa's guilty face after I fussed at her for chewing on a chair leg!

Osa's cute "I gots a new toy" face...

Osa's "model pose"  Girl can work it!

Osa's hedgehog imitation....awwwww

And my face...being happy instead of sad. 

This year, Valentine's Day was bittersweet.   Mojo was born on Valentine's Day.  Our sweet boy would have been 14 this year.  If he had lived just a few more more months, he would have made it to his golden birthday.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Recipe Box: "Grilled" Tostadas

Having a new puppy in the house means I am not doing some of the things I normally do.  Like go through mom's recipe box for today's post!

So instead, I thought I'd share a recipe that had the ingredients I bought for one of mom's recipes. Dean saw them sitting on the counter and snagged them for a grilled version of a tostada while we all watched t.v.

Dean's Grilled Tostadas: 

1 pack corn tortillas
2-4 chicken breasts 
Shredded monty jack or cheddar cheese
1-2  cans Blue Runner or other type of re-fried beans
Seasonings like salt, Tony Chachere's or cayenne for kick, garlic powder, etc.
Toppings: Chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.


Heat the beans (I add a little salsa and sour cream to make them tastier and creamier.)  Set aside and keep warm.

Grill the chicken breasts and shred or chop the meat.  Set aside

Brush several of the tortillas with olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt and garlic powder.   We like them spicy so we add a little Tony's on them too.  Cayenne would work nicely if you don't have any Tony's.
Grill them quickly on both sides until they are crispy.  Don't LEAVE because they burn easily.  I suggest you have a couple extra on hand in case that happens.  Grill extra, they are great by themselves or with salsa.  

**Now just assemble the tostada to your liking.   Start by using either the beans or guacamole to hold the chicken and other toppings down.   I like to layer mine because I like toppings that fall off.   
Here is how I do it:

** Since the tortillas are NOT fried, they won't stand up to wet ingredients for long so you have to assemble them right as you are getting ready to eat.   

These taste so fresh and are not heavy at all.    
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