Thursday, December 18, 2014

crafting and crochet....

I made some cinnamon ornaments for my tree...they smell SO GOOD!!

Daddy had a love/hate relationship with the squirrels in our backyard.   There was one that was sweet and it would come up and eat peanuts out of his hand.  He named him "Charlie."

Well, apparently Charlie went and told all his hoodlum friends and soon after, a bazillion  squirrels moved in.
Thus began daddy's long term "hate affair" with them.

 We called ALL of them "Charlie" and dad would sic our poodle on them.  Hysterical!  That dog would go berserk trying to catch those squirrels.  
I made these Charlies for my own tree and can't help but crack up each time I look at them!

I have a thing for acorns....I just love these with their little glittered caps.  

Last year, Tammy gave me some lovely alpaca yarn.  
The yarn is named after the Alpaca that "donates" the yarn...This was called Sweet Caroline

The yarn sat in my stash the entire YEAR while I tried to figure out what to make with it.  I recently I made a cute boucle hat and had enough yarn leftover to make something little....but not enough for a scarf...
Lucky for me, the yarn matched Sweet Caroline nicely and when I put the two together, it was enough to make an infinity scarf.

    I did a simple trellis stitch so it would have a nice drape to it...don't know why it looks PINK in this photo...must be the lighting.

Now I have a scarf and hat set and the alpaca makes it soft enough to sit against my skin without being itchy.

I've made a few other things but can't share them yet as they are gifts.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Today is someone's birthday!

Just another year to go and she will be heading to college.......time flies.

Happy birthday sweetie, we love you so much!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Since Kaela made the soccer team, I've been doing a lot of running and driving between practices and games.   
In between doing all that and work and everything else I've managed to consume mass quantities of this a variety of keeps me going.

We decorated our school's Crochet club tree....the kids were super jazzed with how it turned out.

I've been hitting the web HARD looking for THIS...can never find it.  Ever and I've been looking at least 3 years.

but I did find a couple of these for 2 bucks at Tuesday Morning.  I took one to work and left one at home in my craft room...

Someone brought a puppy to visit....OH MY GOSH was this guy cute.
They can't keep him and I was tempted .  I love big dogs and this guy is part lab and part Great Pyrenees and will be HUGE.  I wanted him soooooo bad....I mean, look at that face!
He was so cute, grunting the entire time.........

Sooo tempting but not to be.  Not once Kaela reminded me how big this guy's Po0p will be!  hahaha!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ren Faire....

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind!  Dean's sister and her family was here and we really enjoyed being with them.  We did lots of catching up, lots of eating and a fair bit of shopping....

Matthew came home for a few days.....miss him so much

Dean and I got a photo of US!  ha!

While everyone was here, we went to the Ren is SUCH fun and the boys had never been to one.  
The weekend's theme was Dr. Who and Time Travelers and the costumes were amazing!  Lots of Tardis outfits and booths!  Lots of Steam Punk costumes too.

This guy was Jaques Ze Whipper and he was hands down our favorite.  He was not only very good at his craft but he was engaging and funny....and interestingly humble.   Wonderful show.
We actually went and watched it twice before leaving for home that night.

He draws his mustache on with a marker and uses a cheesy accent and the crowd goes crazy.  He will tell you when to take in this shot!

But he was talented...and proceeded to whittle a straw of spaghetti down to about an inch while his whip was on fire...and not hurt himself.  

and by the time he was done....

The Ren Faire is here for a full month so if you are ever in the area, you should really plan on attending...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for humor....I love to laugh....and THIS really got me laughing.

Seriously, what were they THINKING?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Toadstool ornaments...

I am hosting another handmade ornament swap.  This year's theme has to do with Woods/ I thought toadstools would be perfect.

I love toadstools...and toadstool ornaments are so cute!  And fun to make.  They make me happy.

I made a zillion polyclay toadstools...some VERY tiny.

And I put them into some wreaths...

 I also made some bigger ones and put them into nests...

then I made some felt ones, just because....

Now I just have to decide which ones to use!  Or should I make some more???   Hmmmmm

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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