Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Leo!

Leo asleep in Curly Girl's little doll crib......he was so tiny. We'd had him 3 days when we took this photo.

Today is Leonardo Da Kitty's birthday. We think. Close enough........we really just counted back 7 weeks from the time we adopted him and gave him today's date as his birthday.

Curly Girl had always wanted a kitty and we decided she could have one once we moved. The only problem is that Dean is allergic to cats. But his reaction varies from "I'm gonna die" to "I can live with it." The only way to determine if he is HIGHLY allergic to an individual cat is to do the 'sniff' test!
So after stalking PetSmart for about a month, we finally found a group of kitties that passed Curly Girl's highly critical inspection. She found a few she deemed 'snuggle worthy' and played and loved on them for awhile. Once she narrowed it down to a couple, Dean stepped up to do the sniff test. It was SO funny. The 'adoption' lady had NO idea what was going on...Dean has these CATS and is rubbing his FACE with them and taking big deep breaths!
We decided if he didn't DIE on the spot, then either of the kitties would be fine in our home.
We go home to wait and although he did have a reaction, it was tolerable. So, the next day we go back to PetSmart and Curly Girl chooses the little kitty 'formerly known as Sneakers."
We brought him home and renamed him Leonardo Da Kitty....aka Leo. (thanks to Curly Girl and Ripstick boy coming up with a name that ties in the love of kitties with the love of art....)

So here he is in all his glory. I give you Leonardo Da Kitty!!!!

BTW for those out there who are also allergic...here is a trick. One capsule of Vitamin E oil on their food once daily changes their saliva which is the cause of many cat allergies.


Anonymous said...

Good to know! I too am allergic to the kitties. It is really bad at first (wheezing, sneezing, watering-the whole nine) but as I get used to them it seems I build a tolerance. I have also noticed that long-haired kitties aren't as bad for me as the short-haired ones. Lucky for me our Skarloey that adopted us 6 years ago is long-haired.

Anyway (I kind of went off on a tangent there...) Happy Birthday, Leo! (He is a pretty kitty!)

Pecos Blue said...

What a great tip. Thank you.

jillytacy said...

Leonardo de Kitty is so handsome! Happy birthday Leo! I'm a cat lover and miss having a kitty at our house! I didn't know about the vitamin trick. Very interesting!

Melissa said...

Drusilla and I send happy belated birthday wishes to Leo!

I never knew about putting vitamins in their food. That is great to know.

Kellie said...

He's a doll...and King of the castle, I'm betting.

With four in the house, I'm trying the vitamin E trick!

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