Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morning Glorious-er

I love Morning Glories and I've posted some photos we have taken of are the ones we planted from seed to climb up our pergola we built in the Spring:

Well, last Fall, we were walking along the nature trail in the woods and noticed that some people had planted morning glories along their fence. They were so beautiful, I wanted to ask them if I could take a planting. But our kids noticed that the same plant was in the trees on the nature trail, it had either jumped or sent shoots underground or self sowed. Either way, it saved me the embarrassment of having to knock on some stranger's door.
I just pulled some of that vine out of the tree.

I planted about 5 shoots of it in some water. 4 out of the 5 shoots died. When the 1 shoot rooted, I planted it.
Now, I have a thing about outdoor plants. I don't baby them. They've got to make it on their own. Belief it or not that, teensy thing survived the winter AND the heat of the summer. It was bedraggled and ugly but I could never bring myself to just kill it. Well, it grew and grew and grew....and NEVER bloomed. I decided we had a male plant and we were going to yank it up.
So, right before Hurricane Gustav my husband tried to uproot it so we could bring the birdhouse into the garage. The vine was so strong that my husband was going to have to cut it. We decided to leave it and remove it once it died back. (I have a hard time purposely killing a plant...)

Well, lo and behold....look what BLOOMED and look how BIG and GORGEOUS it is!!!!! I guess all that wind brought in some much needed pollination and we have lift off! YEAH!

Here are the photos:
and a bit closer still........

You can't tell from the photos but these 'wild' morning glories are about twice the size of the ones I planted from seed. They are also a different color (which you CAN tell)......the thing that is so beautiful is that before they bloom, when they are curled up, they are this pretty pink color like you see in the throat of this bloom. Then they bloom into this gorgeous cornflower blue!

I was so excited! The best part is that there are several blooms getting ready to open!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- You KNOW that I love morning glories!:) Such pretty pictures! I don't baby my plants either. They have to be tough to hang around here- lol! Lori

frankenpug said...

Those are beautiful! I have a thing for plants too. I am taking classes to get my degree in Landscape Design. I have finally gotten to the point where I don't kill everything I try to!

Jennifer said...

soo pretty! Glad you saved it!

jillytacy said...

What beautiful pictures! Even better I like the idea that it survived the adversity of the storm and then bloomed bigger than ever!

Elaine said...

I love morning glories too. Your photos are gorgeous. What a tough little plant. Nice story.

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