Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A trip to the pumpkin patch...!

We found a pumpkin patch to take the kids to get a few pumpkins for the yard.
We got an ENORMOUS one this year. We don't put them out yet.
Too many pumpkin smashers out now a days. *sigh*

Here are Ripstick Boy and Curly Girl in the 'photo opp' booth.....Ripstick Boy is getting to the age where this part isn't his favorite! "Do I HAVE to sit in the stupid booth mom?"

Here we are on the way to the car.....Dean took the wagon with the others...the ones we are holding wouldn't fit!

Here are some photos of the inside decorations...I LOVE this little guy:

and this little tree.....with the witchy hat on top!

here is the entry with my banner......I need to make a fabric swag but it would be REALLY long!

Here are some photos of the outside of the house....I still have some finishing touches to add but its looking pretty good!

Closeup of one of the crows....

Here is our tree and headless horseman. I put a ton of spider web on it so by the time the 31st rolls around, it will be all straggly from being rained on....perfect!
I forgot to put the big giant spiders on Mr. Headless......oops.......I'll do that tomorrow!

I made these ghosties back when the kids were babies and I didn't want to scare them. Now I need to 'up' the creep value!



mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- What a fun family night! Love the picture with you and your two cutie pies.:) Your front door looks amazing!! Love twinkle lights- and these are spooooky! You have spent so much time decorating, and paying attention to detail! Fabulous! Lori

Tracey said...

You do the holidays up in style!!! I have to say your son has seem to have grown a bit since this summer even! We were going to go out to the apple orchard that you suggested in your blog. They had to close early due to bitter rot. So sad!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

What super fun decorations!!
I love the little goast.

Emily said...

oh boy, I better start decorating!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Wow!! Such a great display, and what fun, too!! Thanks for sharing the great photos!! ~~Trudy~~

Shawnee said...

Cute green purse --- and so tiny!!! You're one of THOSE women!

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