Friday, October 3, 2008


In our home, October heralds in the holiday season, full of family, good food and fun things to do and share!

Each October, we have traditionally gone to Pumpkin Patches or farms to pick out several large pumpkins to use for displays.

While living in Texas, we were blessed to be able to go to Henrietta's Apple Orchard. We would pick and eat apples, run from the psychotic roosters and play with the baby bunnies.
We would walk the grounds and marvel at all the plants that were grown around the orchard....some I still don't know the names of!

Before leaving for the day, we would go into the little shop and watch as they would clean and sort apples and prep them for sale and for canning goods.
The tiny shop had hand embroidered tea towels and an assortment of little sundries for sale.

It was always a good day and we really enjoyed it.

Now that we are in Louisiana, we need to find a new that fits with living here.
There aren't any apple orchards around here but with all the festivals, I feel certain we will find SOMETHING to do!

Do any of you have a tradition to herald in the Fall?


Karen said...

We moved here 3 years ago and the start of this holiday season is...we go to a corn maze that opens last week in as soon as the weather gets crispy we go (already went) and we're ready. Have fun...we also used to do apple orchards before we moved here (NC foothills).

frankenpug said...

We hit the apple orchards and pumkin patches and in the northern part of Illinois they have the Trail of Terror. It is a bunch of small towns that have different fall activites and you drive from place to place taking it all in.

Jennifer said...

I'm so bummed.....I emailed Henrietta and they won't have any apples for picking.

We go to the Pumpkin Express every year and ride the train and take lots of pics. They have a lot for the kids to do there.

We paint pumpkins as well. Each of us gets a pumpkin and we can paint it however we want.

Then we do get one large pumpkin and choose a design and we carve it together as a family.

We have Trunk-of-Treats each year at our church. The kids look forward to that.

I'm looking So forward to the traditions this month!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- Your table looks SO cute! Could you start the tradition of booing like we do? I would be happy to send you the poem and BOO sign. Just let me know.:) Lori

Recupefashion said...

Go to apple orchard and then make full of apple pies,

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