Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Witch's cupboard revisited!

I told you about what I sent Amy for the Witches Cupboard Swap in this post.

Now you get to see what she sent ME!

Cute stuff, huh!?

Let's see what we have:

1. Vampire bat...okay...this rocks...it is a little bat finger puppet stuffed into the little jar!
2. Black cat energy pellets....cat food!
3. Shrunken skulls...little plastic skulls!
4. Troll eyes...candy eyeballs...gross!
5. Light of Truth... a jar of oil with a wick that you light. I am going to use it on the porch Halloween Night!

She also sent some cute Halloween cupcake liners and toppers to use!
Thank you Amy!!!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- That is so creative and cute!:) Lori

Melissa said...

That is a really cute swap gift.

gin said...

Cute, Cute, Such imagination!!

Rhonda said...

This is just precious. What a great idea. I never know what I want to do for Halloween but your post has given me something to think about.

Unknown said...

Oh Val, what a fun swap.. I love her imagination on what she gave you for your swap. I thought and thought for hours on what to come up with for this swap. Mine was not this cool :( I love what you received. Lots of cool and fun stuff. Spooookyyyyyyyyy

Very Mary said...

That is really adorable! I mean, evil. Witches aren't adorable, sorry.

jillytacy said...

Cute Goodies! What a fun swap!

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