Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Eighth German...

Last night I took the kids out to dinner. Dean is in Southbend for his annual coroprate meeting and I always try to do something fun with the kids, just the three of us one time while he is gone.

When I asked where they wanted to eat, they both chimed in "Olive Garden." They LOVE Olive Garden.
Ripstick Boy eats a full adult meal and Curly Girl eats herself silly with the salad and bread sticks. (yes, she is a salad eater like noone I've ever seen....)

Anyway, we go in, the hostess passes us off to a different host.....maybe the SEATER host.
Away we go, following host number 2.
When we sit down, the host tells us that our waitress will be along in a moment.

The waiter tells us about some specials and a new soup. Then he asks if I'd like wine....normally, yes but not when I'm driving precious cargo. So, I declined .
He took away 1 wine glass and started walking off.
I then joked and said something to the extent that since we didn't live in Europe, we wouldn't be needing the other 3 wine glasses either.
He stopped and turned and said "oh" and then 'yeah, those Europeans are something else, letting their kids drink'
I sort of looked up and said something to the affect that yes, children can drink over there but it isn't the same as regular wine or beer.
He stopped and looked and said ' lived over there?" I said yes that I had lived in Germany as a child for a few years.

Then he sort of straightened up and I am not making this up, sort of cocked his head at me.... and sort of raised one eyebrow and then said 'Well, you know, I'm one-eighth German."

I said, oh, that's great. Then he sort of shook himself and said, "yeah, I don't know WHO in my family is actually GERMAN but someone along the line is.....
" I didn't hear the rest because I was busy watching my son making smarmy faces at me.
I started to get uncomfortable and luckily the waitress came up and sort of pushed him out of the way.

The kids were DYIN'.......all through dinner, I was hearing things like:
"You are soooo hot for an OLDER lady and since I'm ONE EIGHTH GERMAN, ya know."
"I dig older chicks, did I mention I'm ONE EIGHTH GERMAN?"
It even got to the point where Curly Girl was using forks and acting it all out. Ripstick Boy had the best zingers....tossing his hair and raising one eyebrow, using words like SWOON and SOPHISTICATION....and 'run away with me...' He also kept using the words OLDER.....what is THAT about?

Poor Dean, he is in Southbend while I'm getting hit on by a waiter who is 24 years old and one-eighth German.


Anonymous said...

You are one hot mama!!
(I love Olive Garden too!!)

Unknown said...

OH???? Hot Mammas and hot drinks...OH my goodness GF, What a funny story, and a nice way to spend the evening laughing with your children.
Thank you for sharing this lovely family moment.

frankenpug said...

That is hilarious!

BTW, my kids love the OG too. Lyddiebug calls is "Kinder Garten" and she is a salad lover too.

CathyJean said...

well, well, hot mama Ms. Val!!!
sounds like your kids are so sweet! Keep making happy memories:)

Anonymous said...

that is so funny! you know... I'm 1/4 German. (I'm not hitting on you, allthough I DID cock my eyebrow just now for the heck of it! hee hee!)

Very Mary said...

Yeah, well I was BORN and RAISED in Germany. So, maybe I can let you know, hint hint, that I, swoony-le-swoon, kinda think, maybe, that Olive Garden is cool. And so are you. Ich liebe dich.

Zoƫ said...

I love it!!!

Kellie said...

LOL! So funny...they share your great sense of humor, huh.

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