Monday, October 20, 2008 PEEKING!

I participated in one last Halloween swap last week. It was a quickie!
This is what Janet sent me:

Lots of little goodies.........the hand is actually a pen...and check out the cute kitty pin!
The little bracelet and beanie baby got whisked away by Curly Girl. She would have snagged the pin too but I was WAY ahead of her and put it on before she could snatch it away!

You can't see the little jar of grape jelly Janet made and sent me in exchange for a Christmas apron!
Here is a photo of the apron. I thought since she makes jelly each year, this style would come in handy....though it doesn't photograph too well. I made the 4 pockets very large to hold spoons and other things she might need while canning.

Here is the rest of the loot I sent her.........the purple triangles are neckties for her 3 pooches to wear Halloween Eve. I stuffed EVERYTHING into the little Jack o' lantern, along with a Halloween poem.........hope she likes it.



Anonymous said...

that apron is great... it's a simmilar style to the one I needed the bias tape opinion on the other day (with different pocket)! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I loved everything you sent me!!
Thanks again!!

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