Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a late bloom....

Believe it or not, this is what our fence looked like until the cold front swept in last night! Jam packed with morning glories and black eyed Susan vine.

They take up about 8 panels of fencing and have just EXPLODED with the good weather we've had! A little cool front won't hurt them...but I think this 30 degree weather may wilt them back a bit too much.

I wish I had the type of camera that could take close up photos to show how truly lovely they are....

The blue ones are on the same fence, just farther down.....they are VERY hardy and over twice the size of the pink ones.

I had been pulling these vines trying to keep them from encroaching too much on my neighbor's side of the fence.
She saw me and thanked me for planting them....they look lovely on her side of the fence too.


laterg8r said...

i'd be thrilled too, they're gorgeous :D

Jody said...

Do you want to be my neighbor? (sung to the tune of Mr. Roger's neighborhood!!)

Doris Sturm said...

I know, I can't get over all the flowers here too...December and I see bees and butterflies ;-)

Oh, well... in Australia Santa goes to the beach :-)

Lovely photos of those morning glories. I think they are lovely!

Have a nice evening,

mandapanda said...

They're wonderful! They won't grow here, it's to hot! But the morning glories (of which I've never seen the pink!) grow 40kms away at the beach, and the black-eyed susans I remember from my aunts garden, about 2000 kms away! lol
My camera has macro, and is fantastic at it! My Mums camera has super macro! I'd love super macro! It's 0mm from the object macro!
Thankyou for your last few comments! I love seeing your name on my blog! How's the xmas decorating coming along? You've got to take some photos for us!

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