Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Favorites!

First, for your viewing pleasure is Ripstick Boy!!!

and not to be out done, Curly Girl!

They were both 2 years old in these photos.....even though I took them 2 years apart.

And for you observant types, YES! that IS a plastic potty throne behind Curly Girl.....(hey, you never know when you'll have a Kodak moment!)

Here is another favorite that the kids and I made when they were just wee babes in daycare.

We made quite a few as gifts....I still have mine!

And lastly, Starfish Santa!

I made a dozen of these 17 years ago....and have given them away over the years. Since I've only got 4 left on my tree, its time to make more!!!


gin said...

cute cute! your babies are so cute. I have ornaments of pictures of my 3 when they were little too. And even one so cute of all 3 of them together when they were all under 5 years old. And when the tree goes up every year, they always look to see where their picture ornament is. That santa starfish is great.

laterg8r said...

that starfish santa is super cool, love the pics of your sweeties (i see nothing wrong with taking her pic on the potty LOL) :D

Doris Sturm said...

Very cute! I have yet to decorate my tree. It's been standing here bare for the last 2 days, but of course, I just bought my lights yesterday!

Have a wonderful day,
Doris :-)

Krissy said...

Love the starfish santa!!

Kerry said...

These kiddo's all grow up way to fast!!! It seems like only yesterday i was bringing our 2 home from the hospital - now they're 9 and 11:-)
i LOVE that starfish santa, what a great idea........i really need to get a move on with the Christmas decorating:-0

Sherry said...

Love your ornaments! My kids love pulling the ones out with their pictures in them. I kinda like them a lot too!


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