Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Favorites!

Today I am busy with Curly Girl's 12th birthday party.
The theme is
'cookin & craftin' !!!

I've been prepping for this party for awhile!
So far, I've sewn aprons for them to decorate, collected jars for snowglobes and bathsalts...collected acorn tops, cut out bookmark fixins......

All that is left is to premake the pizza crusts and make the cake...then set the house up! (okay, so not I'm off to a chorus concert she is much for pre making pizza crusts...oh, and I ended up buying the cake from a co-worker!)

Wish me luck!!!

Now...I leave you with this:

Here are some of our favorite Christmas movies!

I LOVE this one.....I laugh the ENTIRE way through it.

This is Dean's all time favorite (the cat scene makes me laugh til I cry)

We ALL adore this one........'he took two'

Oh! And a new favorite.....we HOWL at the who's your daddy scene and then when they say "Ewwwww! I'm your DADDY!"
we watch ALL the classics...

We watch this one at least TWICE!
It is the BEST Christmas Carol!!!
(Michael Caine rocks as Scrooge, sorry Jim, yours is a bit dark for us)

We love this funny guy ...and have all 3 of these...but this one is THE BEST...

View Raw Image" href="" class="thickbox"> View Raw Image" href="" class="thickbox">

Simply a beautiful movie...

Gotta get me one of those 'lamps...'

A true classic!

And two that only Curly Girl and I can still handle...while baking cookies!

the kids can't watch this one...but it IS funny!

Okay.......what is on YOUR watch list?


gin said...

happy birthday to CG! I know she will have a great party! Great movie post too. I make the whole family watch Christmas Vacation all thru the holidays, And we must watch The Christmas Story all day Christmas Day (this one is mainly for the guys for the shoot your eye out scene and leg lamp scene. In fact Brandon (our oldest) has a night light leg lamp just like in the movie. His wife got it for him and they have it in the hallway. It's very funny and cute. I love Christmas, we all do. And gee, only 14 more days!!!

laterg8r said...

i love the last movie - set at xmas so it is an xmas movie LOL :D

i say die hard is an xmas movie too for the exact same reason LOL :D

great list of movies to watch :D

annemarie said...

Happy Birthday Curly Girl - what a great party you are going to have. It sounds like a blast. Christmas movies are the best.

AwtemNymf said...

A Happy Birthday to Curly Girl! :O)
Hubby & I watch Chevy Chases Xmas Vacation EVERY single year and it's still funny. Even though we already know what happens and all- we still laugh like it's the 1st time we've ever seen it. That is a classic. Just saw Santa is Coming to Town last night on tv. First time I saw it in Closed Caption (last night of and I cried.... such memories. We also watch Bad Santa (Billy Bob Thorton). Kids shouldn't watch it, but it is hilarious.
I haven't seen a lot of the movies that you've posted, so I better get caught up eh. I'd love to see Elf- haven't seen that one. And I gotta ask- whats the big deal with that leg lamp (Christmas Story)? I just don't get it and yes I've seen the movie a ga-zillion times. Hmm!


Christine Edwards said...

Best birthday wishes to curly girl! Sounds like a very fun party. Love your Christmas movie list. My favs are Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Inn, and growing up we always watched A Christmas Story (because my parents grew up listening to Jean Shepherd on the radio). Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday together.

P.S. I love my neck hugger, it's been so great wearing it. Thanks again!

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