Wednesday, December 9, 2009

here kitty, kitty

Leo and Suki are LOVING the Christmas decorations.......

Leo ON the Christmas village set up

you lookin' at ME? He loves the warmth the lights give off.

I'm the KING of the VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and under the tree...while I am STILL decorating it.

He sleeps on this felt tree skirt the ENTIRE month we have it up. I keep saying I need to make him a bed out of felt...I know he would use it, he is such a chilly kitty.

Suki IN the branches...of our FAKE tree.

Hhhhhmmmmm.......she must REALLY miss being an outdoor kitty.

and taking turn in the boxes....right now its Suki's turn! Later, Leo got in. I think Suki tried to WRAP luck!

And here.....oh, wait! How'd Mojo get in here????

show me some love, mama!


NadineC said...

I love the pictures of your animals, Val! They are so adorable and have such personalities :-) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

laterg8r said...

what sweet kitties :D

Elaine said...

Oh those kitties. They get into everything, don't they?

It looks like your Christmas Village was in need of some animals...

Gemma said...

By chance, is your grey cat a Korat?

Yarni Gras! said...

Gemma, we got Leo from a shelter at 7 weeks of age. We think he is a blue point siamese mix...but you are right....he looks a lot like a Korat. In fact,when his eyes shine, they don't do the 'red' thing, they are silvery like a Korats.....makes me wonder.

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