Friday, September 12, 2008

Turkey anyone?

Look what came in the mail. Another new apron made just for me!
This swap was hosted by Lucy....... In fact, this pattern is one Lucy designed :-)

The apron was made by Nadine.

I love the colors of this apron, the fabrics are beautiful.

Part of the swap was to send a potholder, tea towel and pie recipe.......I cannot WAIT to try the pie recipe. The potholder is really neat, each square of fabric is a little pocket so you can use it any way you'd like.
And the tea towel will come in handy....especially with messy gravy around.....

To top it off, Nadine packed everything in this little tuille bag she had embellished with some of the leaves from the fabric. So cute!

Thank you Nadine I love it!


susan said...

crud! seriously?? i swear it was just for an apron, pot holder and recipe, not a tea towel!! arg! i didnt send my partner a tea towel!! back to the sewing room i go!!
you apron is totally adorable, i think its the same pattern i used for mine!

Kellie said...

SO very cute. Perfect for Fall!

I have GOT to get back in on a swap. I haven't bought or made an apron in ages and I'm starting to get the shakes and twitches.

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