Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy mail day.......

Saturday was a happy mail day. I got the wonderful apron I posted about Monday and 3 other swaps too!

This cute little kitty stuffie came from Marlena......if you look closely, you can see little pin prick marks.
Those would be teeth marks.
Oh yes, Leo stole this kitty when he was still in the envelope on the dining room table!
He took him to his tower. Naughty Leo, this kitty isn't for you.

And these great bookmarks from Dawn and cute Halloween cupcake toppers from Michelle.

The kids confiscated the bookmarks right away.
I didn't complain one bit is such a blessing to have kids who love to read!

Here is a close up of one set of the cupcake toppers...they are embossed and so cute.
Sorry that the photo is a bit fuzzy.

Thank you ladies!


Kellie said...

Our Buddy would have done the same thing...he loves toys! I love the cat tower your boys built, it looks like one of the expensive ones from the pet store! Our cats wreak havoc on our furniture daily, we need one of these too(none of them are declawed)!

jillytacy said...

You've got to love happy mail! the kitty is the cutest! Too funny that Leo thought it was for him!

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