Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leo's tower

Dean and our son built this kitty tower for Leo last weekend. They built it as a last ditch effort to keep from declawing him. The tower is about 5 feet tall and has a couple shelves to lay on and a tunnel. So far, he doesn't use the we may take it off and put another shelf there.

As usual, Dean didn't have any schematics....he just built it. Cracks me up. Everything he 'sees' in his head he can build.

We adopted Leo last June through PetSmart and the local shelter. We had to 'promise' to keep him indoors...not a problem.....and not to declaw him.....a problem.
At first, he never used our furniture. But we went out of town for a week and when we came back, our furniture was shredded. Since then, it has been more difficult to keep him from using it.
So far, the tower is working out pretty well, Leo is using his claws on it instead of on the furniture. He loves to climb up it like a tree.

He likes to go to the very top and sleep. Here he is looking very smug and happy with his new place.


IdaDown said...

Is declawing common where you live? I am not a cat owner (we have 3 dogs). It is not encouraged here, but I have not heard of adoption being made conditional on this basis. Good luck with it. ps Awesome build. Kudos to hubby!

Jennifer said...

THey did a great job!!

Laurah said...

That's pretty neat! I actually never thought about someone making one of those by hand. From what I see at Petco those things are a fortune. I hope that it works for poor little Leo. He does look like he is having a good time on the top of his tower, though!
I also wanted to leave a note and tell you that I made your marble bookmark. Pictures were up on my blog from a few weeks ago. I love the idea and I will definitely make more of them!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

looks good! I should get my husband to make one for our kitty.

Melissa said...

Awesome kitty condo. I bought one for Drusilla and she scratches it too instead of the furniture, for the most part.

Declawing is a really painful operation. If you want to stop Leo from scratching your furniture, drapes, etc. Petsmart and Petco have plastic caps that you put on the cats nails. They are called soft paws. You can read more about it at

Let me know if you try them. I haven't given them a try yet. I just try to keep Drusilla's nails cut short.

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