Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer 'carnival' 2008!

Okay, so I read about this on my friends blog. She read about it on HER friends blog.

I thought it would be fun to join in! After all, I'm a big organization nerd myself.

With two older children, the pressure of entertaining them takes on a new dimension. And living in Slidell certainly presented some unique challenges when we moved here almost a year ago. We've always lived in larger cities and had plenty to do and to occupy us. We were SPOILED. (Throw in the fact that Katrina wiped out many local activities...as in 6 Flags got blown away, art and craft studios were demolished by the floods......no one HEARD about Slidell on the news but it was hit just as hard as New Orleans.)

All that aside, here is our general 'plan...'

1. Mondays are our lazy day of the week. Ripstick Boy has swim team practice in the evening so the day will be one of those hang out kind of days, catching up, reading.....

2. Tuesday is art and library day followed by lunch. Tuesday Curly Girl has an art lesson so we are going to use that as an excuse to go out to lunch after. While she is in art class her brother and I will go to the library for a little one on one time. Later that day, back to the pool for swim practice.

3. Wednesday is project at home day. Cooking with both kids, art with Curly Girl. She has so many projects in mind.....better penmanship, sewing, crocheting. In the afternoon....back to the pool for practice!

4. Thursday is golf and late night at the pool day. Ripstick Boy has golf in the morning so while he is playing, I will have my one on one with Curly Girl at the library. The kids can invite a friend to go to the pool with us and we'll plan on eating there too. Typically, we do errands toward the end of the week so Thursday and Friday will have to absorb some of those 'unfun' things......

5. Friday is free day, there is NO swim team practice! This will be the day we go to a movie or take a 'field trip' to the local blueberry farm.
Being so busy on Tuesday and Thursday, they need some down time!

Needless to say, the kids are going to get in a ton of swimming this summer. We don't go until later in the day but we stay for a minimum of 3 hours each evening. (Bonus...Dean meets us there a couple nights a week so I get to work out while they swim....)
Once swim team is over in July, we'll switch times and go to the pool in the morning. Curly Girl wants to join the team next year so this summer will help her strengthen her skills.

I set an additional table for ongoing art and craft type projects in the sewing room. We also cleared (hahahaha) the table upstairs in the loft to set it up for puzzles and board games.
Both kids are good readers so I don't have to schedule it in.

We found 3 blueberry farms and plan on visiting in June before the season ends but we don't have a date scheduled yet....maybe THIS Friday?

Although we don't have a formal 'vacation' planned this summer, we live 3 hours away from my family in Florida so I know we'll be going to the beach AND to the farm for a couple long weekends.

Furthermore, we usually go into New Orleans at least once a month for a fun family day.
Just this past weekend, we ate lunch in the Quarter and then went to see the Napolean exhibit in the State Museum of Louisiana....we also got to tour the old treasury mint.
Pretty fascinating...the kids loved every minute of it!


Mia said...

How fun! That sounds like the type of action packed summer that I always hoped for at the end of each school year!

Jennifer said...

yeah, thanks for posting your plans! Sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of fun.

I wish we had a blueberry farm here. I'm really trying to use them more in our diet since they are so good for you. I just made some homemade popsicles though with the kids and I threw some in there!

Tracey said...

This is the summer I always wanted to have. My mom was a single mom so she always had to work so hard to support me. I hope your kids appreciate you and the fun you have together. They seem to since the are such AWESOME kids!

Phillips Family said...

Thanks for participating in my carnival!

I loved reading what you are doing with your kiddos...especially since they are older and gives me a fresh perspectiv of what to look forward to in a few years.

By the way, my brothers and I grew up on the swim team and I remember the days well of my mom driving us back and forth from practice.

Enjoy your summer

jillytacy said...

My daughter and I sat down today and made a list of the fun things we want to do this night. When I read your blog tonight I thought what a great idea to designate activities to each day of the week! We'll have to plan our field trips and activities for certain days then we can be sure to fit it all in.

Pikaboo said...

Sounds like you'll all be having a great summer! I hope to be this organized when my kiddos are a bit older.

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