Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gifts from 2 Marys

Saturday was a good 'mail' day!
I needed a bit of cheering up and look what I got in the mail!
First of all, Mary from the Apronista group, made me this AMAZING vintage apron for the swap we were in. She used a vintage about spoiling me. I've never had a full apron fit me before so she took the time to shorten the hemline and added 2 button pins so I could adjust the straps. The coral of the fabric with the brown is just lovely and I like the bit of ric rac that peeks out from the pockets.

Isn't it LOVELY?

Here is a close up of the button pins she made...sorry its a bit blurry:

She added a brightly colored floral summer tote for our library day visits!
Here is a picture of it with ANOTHER tote that I won from Mary over at a very mary design.....
The one I won is the precious red gingham tote....perfect for carrying essentials.....if I can get it back from my daughter!

Thank you both Mary AND Mary for making my day!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

There is nothing like mail (and aprons) to lift the spirits! Love the vintage apron - it reminds me of the one my Grandmother used to wear!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Love good mail days.. I hve had a few of those my self this last week.That apron Rocks!!!

Thanks for leaveing the sweetest coment on my blog and for takeing the time to look up T18.

Mary said...

But - does it *fit*? Is the bib the right length? Gahh.....I need to *know* ;-)

I got that sheet and four others from a friend last year. I have another in blue...

Kellie said...

Absolutely Lovely, Val! Couldn't be cuter! Was this the same swap you were my partner for or a different one. I hope I didn't miss one!

Zoƫ said...


Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my blog. I have been trying to read some of your past blogs. Since I am not getting to that I will just start from here;)

I love the apron! It is way cute. Love the brown with the pink.

Here is a link to my blog about where I got the praying mantis. They where tons of fun to do.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely vintage apron. Love those buttons. The bags look great too.

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