Saturday, June 7, 2008

Goodbye Uncle Joe

One of my favorite people has passed on. My sweet Uncle Joe...he had Lou Gehrigs's and left us on Monday. Through a turn of events, I didn't get the news and just found out today.
I am usually so quick with words and can write pretty words and poetry in 5 minutes but not today.
So instead I just put down a few words to remember a truly wonderful Christian man who brought absolute joy to my Aunt's life and the family they created. ...and who managed to bring light and joy into other's lives as well.

Good bye Uncle Joe.
I love you like my 'second' dad.....
you had such pain in your past but I never knew it......I was so young when you came into our lives...but knowing it now makes much sense of many things.
You made everyone smile and made my sweet Aunt Betty happy
Your children are a testament to your household
I remember wanting to be a part of that so badly
You threw me in the air and gave me bear hugs that almost hurt...but they didn't because they were so full of love...I would have let you crush my ribs to feel those arms.
You were the only one I liked being tickled by because you knew when to quit.
When I heard the news of ALS I cried so hard but Aunt Betty was so strong on the phone...just like always
A part of me hoped you could get better but I wasn't a child so I knew you wouldn't
Every night I prayed for you to be at peace and now you are, as it should be.

I love you


Aurora said...

All of you are in my prayers!

jillytacy said...

I'm sorry for your loss! You are in my thoughts!

Tracey said...

So sorry for your loss. You and your family are in our prayers!

Jennifer said...


So sorry to hear about your uncle. Sending prayers your way!

Kellie said...

Val, I'm so sorry about your Uncle. What a wonderful love letter to him...

Will be praying for you & your family, my friend!

Zoƫ said...

I am so sorry about your Uncle. Know that he lives in the stories you tell about him.

Pikaboo said...


denice said...

So sorry for your loss.... I hope you are doing well.... this is a sweet post.

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