Monday, June 30, 2008

Puffins and Mushrooms and Hedgehogs, Oh My!

I recently made some shark fin cupcake toppers for my son's swim team....just for kicks. They turned out pretty cute so I thought I'd join a 'handmade cupcake topper swap.'

I forgot to take pictures of the ones I sent my partner but these are the ones I received.....aren't they cute?
The actual colors are MUCH brighter than shown here....I didn't want to take them out of the packaging.

I wish I could find those double prong type of toothpicks she used. They are much sturdier than the normal toothpicks I find.
I can't wait to have an 'excuse' to use these little toppers!
Thank you Megan!


Kellie said...

They ARE cute! They look like they've been drawn by hand. Do you really need an excuse for making cupcakes? I say "It's Tuesday...make cupcakes and top them off w/these little cuties!"

jillytacy said...

Very cute! The hedgehogs and mushrooms are so cute! You should definitely make cupcakes and eat one for me I'm starting that diet!

sauvageblue said...

Darling too cute... you should look in a asian food market for the little bamboo skewers, thats where I usually see them.

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