Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday: Kiss the Boo-Boos....

I stumbled across this site called "Inspire Me Thursday" a couple weeks back and decided I wanted to participate when I could.
I submitted Guido for the last theme. This week's them is 'Medical Art.' You are supposed to take something that affected you medically and turn it into art. I actually had several things I could have done....but what I had in mind was fairly complicated and I just don't have the time.

While talking with Curly Girl, she made me realize I could do something more silly than serious and still participate in this week's theme. (She wanted to join in too so you can see what she did for her submission here. ) Ripstick boy was having none of this little adventure into he got no kisses with bright red lipstick! 8-)

Without going into gory detail (thats another post), our daughter broke her jaw in 2 places a few years ago. It was awful. You can't see the line of kisses from one side of her jawline to the other but there is still some slight swelling that will take another year or so to go back down.

I consider my kids to be my best creation yet and I hope to inspire them to look for art everywhere they go.

So for all the "kiss the boo-boo" moms and dads out you go!

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Anonymous said...

how sweet! what a smile!

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