Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm a mommy hack............

Mornings around here are pretty routine.
My little ducks get up and get dressed, make their beds, brush their teeth, then come down for a nice hot breakfast of yummy oatmeal or bacon and eggs.
I, of course have been up since 5 am to ensure they are happy and well fed....(insert Cinderella music here....)
SCRATCH THAT...........Martha doesn't live here.

Okay, so I don't get up and make a hot breakfast each and every day of the week. Heck, I ate poptarts and cereal as a kid so they are good enough for my own offspring.

Dean is up and out before the kids eat breakfast...usually. But on this particular day, I was buzzing around upstairs and wasn't IN THE KITCHEN to make breakfast.
Dean was home because he was going on an appointment before heading to the office.

This is what is said:
Curly girl: "Mommy, what's for breakfast"
Me: 'poptart, cereal, toaster strudel'...this implies that I am not cooking so they need to scrounge. Then me again: "I'll be right down" implying that I will help them figure it out.
Curly girl: "oh"

A minute later......this is what I hear:

Curly Girl: "dad, can I have cake for breakfast?"
Dean: " no"
Curly girl: "But MOMMY LETS ME."
Dean: " Well, I'm not going to, cake isn't for breakfast"
Curly girl: "why not?"
Risptick Boy: "Yeah, MOM lets us, we like eating cake for breakfast"
Dean: "no, you can't have cake for breakfast"

Hear me running down the stairs now to come to my defense....forget the kids still haven't eaten breakfast...........(they did....I gave them cake after Dean left for work 2 minutes later. shhhhh....don't tell him.)

What transpired between Dean and I wasn't blog worthy. Lets just say, I do eat cake for breakfast and he doesn't. But he isn't a Russell. In our household, we ALL ate cake for breakfast. Its tradition. And I have the recipes to prove it and yes, I use them. All homemade. No box cake ever waltzed through the door of my mom's kitchen. A box cake makes it way through my door fairly often....Dean LOVES yellow cake. I love chocolate chip cookies. I get homemade cookies, he gets box cake. But, I'm getting off topic.

Let's think about breakfast......hmmmm, lets have a yummy piece of mom's homemade chocolate cake with divinity icing or......a 'tasty and nutritious' piece of cardboard known as a poptart.


Poptart? Toaster Strudel , frozen waffle....(.scratch waffle.... in our house we make chocolate chip waffles.....), then we have the all important CEREAL that has been 'fortified with vitamins and iron'...oh and bits and pieces of dried up spiders and bugs that fell into the vat while being processed...........I guess they call that PROTEIN. here is my defense at being a mommy hack at breakfast. I cook a TON. I mean it. I love to cook and bake and we enjoy good meals in this house. I cook every day unless it is something I planned to have leftovers from.
Fast food? Rarely...even when I worked, I've always cooked.

But BREAKFAST? Hot breakfast is for weekends or for those mornings you need something substantial before a big exam. Or for those mornings I had insomnia and was up early anyway....

So, that being said, I am a mommy hack. I give my kids cake for breakfast.

BTW, the offending cake? It was CHEESECAKE....for crying out loud, that hardly counts as 'cake.' I don't even eat I KNOW it doesn't count as cake.

So here is my recipe for cheaters cheesecake:

buy a graham cracker crust
beat 2 blocks of cream cheese til light and fluffy
add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
beat again
add 1 tsp vanilla, beat
add juice of half a small lemon, beat
pour into crust, chill until ready to serve.


Jennifer said...

it had some cheese in it so that's not too bad, right?

That is a great story!

rengawk said...

I want cake for breakfast!

Heck I want cake at any time of the day. ^^

Actually, the old movie argument that its got eggs, milk, flour, sugar, maybe some fruit...would apply especially when its homemade!

The older I get the less I enjoy the kinds of things I ate every day as a kid - poptarts taste like nothing good is even in them! No fair!

Kellie said...

I can't count the number of times I've eaten cake for breakfast! Chocolate cake with chocolate icing heated up in the microwave is my cakey breakfast of choice!

Tracey said...

You are my kind of mom. I used to love when my mom would serve breakfast for dinner. I guess kids like anything that feels like it is "breaking the rules"!!

Pikaboo said...

Because of you I will now feed my kids cake for breakfast(when they're a bit older)!
I never thought of it before but how could anybody think that poptarts are better than homemade cake?!?

IdaDown said...

Had to laugh...reminded me of the Billy Cosby "Chocolate Cake" skit.

rengawk said...

OMG idadown just totally made me start laughing like crazy, my brain hadn't found the connection, but that's just what your story reminded me of!!! Have you hear it? Ohh I found it online for you!

Sarina Renee said...

I've had cake for breakfast. I've also done it the way you did... I feed it to my offspring in a hushed tone telling her not to let my husband know. lol

Come on! People eat doughnuts for breakfast! Isn't that the same stinking thing? ^_~ Makes for a good argument, yeah? lol

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