Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guido has hair.......

Today when I went out to water my herbs, I realized that "Guido ' has HAIR!
"Guido" is a mosaic planter I made several years ago.....I am really glad he survived all our moves. I always worried his ears would fall off!
Last month, I planted chive seeds in Guido's head and I am happy to see that he now has a buzz cut of chive seedlings. They are small but growing pretty well.
I'll take another picture of it when it gets longer........I usually plant him with petunias but decided that was much too girly for this manly man.

This is of one of my little herb garden planters. I have 5 of them on the back patio.
Dean always builds me an area for a large herb garden but that is on the back burner until next year. This year we are all about adding on to the patio and covering it.....so, this will suffice!
I use it just about every day when I am cooking....you can tell by the little chopped off tops!


kerri said...

So nice to see things growing. I agree he looks awesome with chive spikey hair, it totally fits with his vibe!

Emily said...

GUIDO is awesome - I am so inspired.
I need to get my hands in some dirt this weekend - I think it is FLOWER time. . .
thanks for sharing this, and for the inspiration!

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