Monday, May 5, 2008

Hootie and the OctoSibs.....

This past weekend I was super crafter!
Starting Friday evening, I knocked out a bunch of my hootie bookthongs. If you like them the pattern is in the 'free pattern' section of my blog.

Saturday it rained all day...the perfect excuse for staying in pjs all day long...watching old Indiana Jones movies and crocheting and sewing and cooking and baking Rocky Road cupcakes from a recipe in this cookbook.


I knocked out 3 aprons but can only post this ruffled one I made for the Apronista challenge.

The other 2 are surprises so I can't show them here.....yet!

I did the OctoSibs for a swap a couple weeks ago and forgot to post them...cute, huh?
I used this pattern for the little blue one and this pattern for the red one. The pattern for the little strawberry is in my free pattern section too.


IdaDown said...

Hooties rule!! You'll have to explain the apron obssession...I have one - Winnie the Pooh - and it spends much time in the linen cupboard - forgotten. This may just be a testiment to my messy cooking LOL :p

Kellie said...

Everything you do is so CUTE!!!

Are you as excited as I am about the new Indiana Jones movie?

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