Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cupcakey Goodness!

I am so excited!

Today I got this cute apron in the mail! Too funny, it even matches my workout top I had on at the time.

I was in a 'Crazy for Cupcakes' Apron swap through swap-bot and this is what I received from my mystery partner! Isn't it great?!

The package also included several cupcake making goodies....sugar crystals, 2 kinds of cupcake liners, a frig magnet with a cupcake on it, a cupcake wash cloth (need the pattern!), 2 embellished hand towels that match the apron... and... BTW, look GREAT in my kitchen.
Oh, and a "take along" cupcake holder....GOTTA get me more of those!

I will be seen wearing this lovely confection creation on May 12th for National Wear Your Apron Day!

Thank you so much Cindy!


sauvageblue said...

Yay! it fits now inserta deep raspy voice "it looks fabulous on you darhling". It looks so cupcakey, smile... your cupcake dishcloth is on my blog it is on the side bar photo folded in the stack of dishcloths you can see its the one on the top. Its been there the whole time peeking at you. I could not find cupcake fabric anywhere so I had to get creative. When I read the type of apron you like I knew this was the one. Then as I found each cupcake goodie I was so excited too! I thought the cupcake container was a must its fun! I am so happy you liked everything, enjoy!

Kellie said...

Ack! All this cupcake goodness is making me...
1. hungry for cupcakes
2. really want to use MY cupcake fabric!

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