Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ferns and Urns

Last May, my husband flew down and bought our house. He had 2 days to find one and make an offer. I stayed behind in OK because school was still in session.
He found this beautiful Acadian home and fell in love with it. He has always wanted an Acadian home with the ferns on the long front porch.
Well.....the problem was that he wasn't actually paying attention to the direction that the house was facing on the lot.
He saw something like 28 houses in 2 days and forgot little details (more on that later.....well, maybe not.)

Our house faces WEST so the front of the house gets full sun all afternoon.....that means NO FERNS.

He wasn't happy most of last summer, he would walk by ferns and mumble under his breath how he wish we could have them. At the very end of summer, we went to a new garden center and found these 'Sun Ferns' that grow in full sun all day long. We almost bought some but were skeptical so we did some research and waited until this year. Today, we went and bought some right after church.
Dean is happy that he got his ferns and life is good.

Our urns are another story. I wanted the iron know, the ones that cost 400 bucks a piece! What we bought were the concrete ones that cost 60 bucks a piece.
I used a bit of paint glazing and ta-da.......fake iron pots.
From the street, no one can tell the difference. That's good enough for me.


Marla said...

Those ferns and pots look great. You and Dean have great eyes for decor(both indoor and outdoor). You should post about your kitchen island-but maybe you don't want to give away too many of your awesome decorating secrets! On the other hand, you are so talented that I always thought your should be a professional decorator :)

Tracey said...


Anonymous said...

Those ferns are gorgeous! I too am a fern lover-but I always seem to kill them:( so I just admire other

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