Friday, April 4, 2008

Tea Party?

I think this cute apron just screams Tea Party!

My partner for the Flirty Apron Swap made this adorable apron. I love the bright colors and it is great because it is reversible so if I yuck up one side, I can flip it over and become the perfect hostess all over again in a flash!
June Cleaver, eat your heart out!

She included some blue rimming sugar and a couple recipes for me to try out!

Even though I should be pouring tea and serving cucumber sandwiches in this apron, I think I'll be pouring margaritas and serving guacamole!

Thank you Abigail! I love it!


Tracey said...

Too cute and the apron matches your shirt so well. Save me a mai-tai. Let's see - how long will it take me to get there????

Abigail said...

You look DIVINE!!!!!!

Dragonflymom said...

Love the Apron

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