Saturday, April 5, 2008

Naughty Leo

Awhile back, I posted that our sweet Leo was in love with the new waterer.

Just look at that his little basket...which he decided he wanted to live in...even though it was on top of the refrigerator....and he had to climb on all sorts of stuff to live in it.....and he knocked a bunch of stuff down... and it broke.
So now, Leo is very happy in his little basket that is now on the end table in the family room.
Leo likes to live in stuff...

Oops wrong Leo story....stories

Oh yes, Leo loves the waterer....yeah, well I misspoke. Leo is OBSESSED with the waterer. He goes bonkers whenever it makes the gurgle sound to refill the basin. Whenever the dogs drink out of it, he gets to play. He is so happy that he jumps on top of it to watch the bubbles escape. Or he stands on his back legs and bites at the bubble.

He loves it. And we thought it was SO CUTE.

It still IS cute.....sorta...well....maybe not.

Since Leo doesn't drink enough to make the water bubble, he has learned to take a more physical approach:

He takes a RUNNING leap and pounces on it REALLY hard with all his body weight. This forces a bubble to escape. He has gotten so good at it that he can do it all in one move : run, hit the top , land on the floor.... all in one fell swoop. That way he can chase the bubble and try to catch it by shoving his paw in the water basin...into that tiny little crack.

The problem is that when the water lever drops to about half full, he hits it so hard that water splooshes EVERYWHERE.
Oh, and he looooooooooooooves that! It makes him very happy.
Whoever said cats hate water never met Leo. I fussed at him one time and sat him down in the water. Yeah, he LAID DOWN and then looked up me like. "GOOD IDEA!"
No dashing off to dry himself or flicking water off each individual leg. Nope.

I've tried to put stuff under the know, those rubber rug things to keep stuff from slipping. Yeah, that works fine until he TIPS IT OVER! He hasn't gotten it to fall all the way over yet. It usually hits the wall and tips back into place....but the water sure does gurgle a lot! And so he does it again and again because that makes him so happy.

That is why we have towels on the floor in our kitchen now. Something every hostess should have....piles of soggy wet towels....

If we didn't love him so much..........


Tracey said...

That is too funny. Cats are too smart for their own good. My cat LOVES to lay on my new sewing desk. Everytime I shoo him off of it he looks at me like "Why did you bring it in the house if I couldn't lay on it?" Cats!! Between Batley- my cat and Grissom destroying things, I don't have time to craft!! Who needs kids when I have those two???

Elisa said...

Cats are so quirky and fun to observe! My cat was attracted to lay on anything set on the floor. Newspaper, magazines, clothes, boxes, mail - he didn't care that I was trying to actually READ the newspaper that he was laying on!

Anonymous said...

I sent a copy to my husband saying that we need to get one for our little girl. Where did you get it?

Beth, who is lmao.

Anonymous said...

to Beth....we got our kitty through pet adoption at PetSmart.

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