Saturday, April 26, 2008

Canadian apples?

Okay, so the picture is backwards and the mirror is atrociously dirty but hey....I was sick last week!
I've been meaning to get a good picture of this cute apron but noone was ever around. So, I took one of it myself.
I really like this one. It is simple but functional. I love the giant pocket at the is split into 3 separate sections. The apron itself actually fits me! I only had to tie a tiny knot in the neckband.
I am thinking of using this as a pattern to make myself another one...and some as gifts.

A bit of ric-rac, a ruffle and we're in business!

My thanks go out to Cheryl for this cute apron and some AMAZING fabric and other goodies she sent me in exchange for Lulu.


Tracey said...

I am totally coming to your house and stealing that apron. I want that apron so bad - it is just ridiculous how badly I want it!!! Ha Ha Ha! It is adorable! Enjoy it!

Cherylann said...

Yay I finally get a chance to get to your blog to say thank you and what do I see?? Ontario Apples LOL I'm glad you liked it enough to show the world. :)

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