Monday, April 28, 2008

Mosaic Monday

Curly Girl and I were discussing Summer art plans. She wants me to teach her how to crochet, make a softie and make mosaics.
So we decided that Monday would become 'Mosaic Monday' for the Summer.
To get me primed and ready, I thought I would take this month and start gearing up by putting some of my mosaics from the past up. Help get those creative juices flowing.

Here is Lizzie. She is the first mosaic I made. Why I decided to make a 6 foot lizard as my FIRST mosaic, I have no idea. It was no small undertaking either! The photo is bad but I didn't feel like sifting through years of photos online to find the good one...I didn't make folders 'back then.' Originally Lizzie was bound to an art and garden store in Fort Worth...Dean thought she was pretty neat so we kept her instead!


This one is my son's....Lizzie 2...she is only 4 feet long. Ripstick boy begged me to make him one. I originally made this one for a show I was in but as we were taking it out of the car, we bonked it and one piece popped. I fixed it but wouldn't have felt right selling it.


Jennifer said...

I remember Lizzie ver well. She's great!

June (planetjune) said...

Ooh I love them! Now I have another craft I want to try, LOL!

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