Saturday, January 5, 2013

Texas trip, Enchanted Rock

Since moving to Louisiana, we don't see Dean's family as often so we went to see them the week after Christmas.  His entire family still lives in Texas so we can visit everyone during one trip.

This stump is in his sister's front yard.   To me, it is lovely......but I was the only one who saw the heart.  Maybe they'll let it stay now?

 Friday, we went to Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg.  

While there, I dropped this little purse I'd made

I tied it to a tree at a trail entrance and 2 hours later, it was gone. 

It was fun to see how the younger kids reacted to my doing this.   They thought I was bonkers until I explained it.   I'm glad I dropped a purse though, I don't think anything boy related would have made it out of the car!

Then we started our hike and took photos along the way.  It was COLD and everyone was bundled up but it was a gorgeous day for a hike.

We took the more difficult way up the can see them in this photo.    I have NO IDEA what Matt was doing.....

and here is Josh, popping out of a crevasse we all came up through.  It was good that Dean was there because he had to carry Patches up this thing when Mark went back to the car. 

taking a breather.....I mean a photo-ops for Dean....

As we hiked, we all warmed up and shed our coats and mittens like crazy....

but then we got to the top...we remembered just HOW cold and windy it really was!  

Here we are on the way back down....even Patches was tired by this point!

Here is a link about Enchanted Rock...just in case you are going to Texas and are curious.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That looks like fun! I love hiking. Matt has gotten so tall! I think he's saying "it's this big" :) Glad you had a good trip. Best wishes, Tammy

A Little Creation said...

It was only a little windy ;). I thought the lines on the heart log were done on purpose to frame the heart shape. I like to collect heart shaped rocks, it's funny how often I can find one.
Chris =]

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What an adventure! Looks like a lot of hard work. ;)
Love the stump.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Looks like everyone had fun on the hike! I saw the heart right away. Maybe it's the crafty eye that sees things like that?

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