Monday, January 28, 2013

New me

We don't really do fast food or boxed dinners in our household so I tend to cook a lot.  I absolutely love relaxes me as much as crafting does.  (The wine might help too....)

For about 10 years, I would try 1-2 new recipes per week.   Even when I worked long hours in retail and the kiddos were young, I would try new recipes.

But when we moved here I got stuck in a rut and stopped experimenting.  I still cooked every week....and made something new every now and then...but not like before.  Part of it is that the kids are gone more in the evenings now...and part of it was me being busy...or maybe lazy...whatever the reasons, I really did miss trying new things.

So here is a list of the "new" recipes I made for the month of January, along with photos/links to the recipes on line (if I could find them. )  There was one recipe we didn't enjoy so I only listed recipes we liked enough for me to make again...

"No Peek Beef Tips" ...a recipe I found on was really good.  I made broccoli and parmesan/pesto tomatoes to go with it.  Here is the link to the recipe.

Ribollita, an italian veggie soup from the cookbook "Everyday Pasta"...and it was wonderful.  Although next time, I'll put the herbes de provence in cheesecloth so I don't get a bite of fennel...not a big fan.  Also, since Dean doesn't eat pork, I omitted the panchetta but it was still nice and robust.  Here is the link to the recipe.
Picture of Ribollita Recipe

 Another recipe I found on pinterest is Parmesan Chicken Bake.  Again, another hit, here is the link to it.

Another recipe from pinterest is Chile Colorado Burritos.    This one is a very basic starter recipe but was really good.  Next time, I'll kick it up a bit more for Dean....but it is definitely a keeper.  The kids and I liked it the way it comfort food.  Here is the link....
I made some Spanish rice and refried beans to go along with it.......really tasty meal overall.

I also cooked something in a new way...."boiled" eggs!  I saw on pinterest that you put them in a muffin tin .....oh my gosh!  Not only did it work, but the eggs were perfect...and the shells slipped off easier.  This is the only way I'll make these ever again!  Here is the link with the cooking info.

"Be a fearless cook! Try out new ideas and new recipes...."- Julia Child


gilly said...

OOh, fab - love new recipes! I enjoy cooking too but tend to get stuck in doing the same old dishes time and again. Going to have a proper look at your recommendations :-)
Looking forward to following your adventures,

Kerry said...

When can I come for dinner :-)
It all looks so good ..... I'm trying to do the same, at least 1 new recipe a week.
I'm going to try the boiled egg thing - I saw it, but was a little skeptical, but now that I know it works :-)
Gotta love Pinterest.
Have a great week Val
Big hugs

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