Wednesday, January 2, 2013

starry night...

Taking the Christmas decorations down seems to leave the house looking so naked. I know it is just in my head but still I miss the garlands and lights.....

So, I crocheted this garland to brighten up the mantel for the month of January.    I added a sprinkling of little stars and just a few snowflakes. 

I didn't want wires showing so I crocheted around a short white light set.   The kind you find for wreaths during the holidays. Mine has 35 lights. 

A part of me wants to add a little netting or "something" extra....but another part of me likes it just like it is.  Simple.

I had a couple emails requesting the pattern links and info on the cord.  Keep reading below if you are interested in this information.
For the stars and snowflakes, I used a size E hook. My goal was to make teeny stars and simple, small snowflakes so I modified the patterns a bit to do this.  You don't have too!
I used this pattern by Sarah London using the US version.  Modifications I made:  
First, I started with a magic ring instead of chaining 8.  I did this so I could tighten the snowflakes around the lights.   Just make sure you leave a large enough hole for the fairy lights to go through after stiffening them.
Second, In round 1 instead of joining at the top of beginning chain 3, I slip stitched across like you do with granny squares. 
Third, in round 2, right after the * I worked slip stitches instead of single crochet to make it smaller.

I used this pattern by summerfete
Again, I started with a magic ring instead of chaining 5.

If you don't know how to make a magic ring, Planet June has a wonderful tutorial here.

I then used fabric stiffener and blocked them overnight.  Some of the holes shrank a bit but you can work them open carefully...just don't tug too hard!

For the cord I basically worked single crochet around the cord, similar to if you crocheted around a coat hanger.  I worked about 10 stitches between each light and worked around each light to completely cover the cord.   As you work, you need to straighten the cord out a little or it will coil.

trying them on before stiffening them:

If you've never blocked anything, summerfete's itty bitty star tutorial has some guidelines on it so you can use it.  I just happened to have some fabric stiffener on hand so I used that instead.  Make sure to get lots of pins so each point is sharp looking!

Happy Hooking!


A Little Creation said...

Very pretty!! Love the knitting to cover the cord. That's the part I don't like looking at.
Chris =]

Shawnee said...

Too cute! I need to steal this idea for Tatum's snowflake birthday party!!

gin said...

Love it !!

Anonymous said...

I always feel the same way after Christmas. Maybe that why my decorations stay up till halfway to February! This is such a great idea! Do you have a pattern link for the stars and snowflakes?

Jody said...

Very cool--you have inspired me to MAYBE cover a few hangers--when I have time!
Happy New Year to you and yours.

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