Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012's ornie swap!

I hosted a handmade ornament swap in December and want to share the ornies I received!  

I did the swap differently to ensure no one flaked (the horrors!)  People sent in 5 ornies and included return postage.  Then once all ornaments were received, I sent everyone 5 different ornies back!

It was so much fun doing it this way because you get to enjoy the creativity of others and you are assured a return package.   I am totally doing it this way again this won't you join us?!

Here is a sampling of what I sent: 

and here are the 5 ornaments I received:

A few participants sweetly included a little extra for me hosting...

These are lovely ornaments made by amazingly creative people.  I hated having to tuck them away for the year but I am thrilled knowing I have them!  Thank you to all who joined!


Tammy said...

Those are all great little ornaments. I hate having to put away the Christmas pillow my girlfriend sent from Lebanon so I know how you feel. Best wishes, Tammy

A Little Creation said...

I had fun with your swap and I got one of your wreath ornaments.
Chris =]

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