Friday, January 11, 2013

Texas, part 2

The rest of our time in Texas was spent house hopping.  There was a lot of playing with cousins, visiting, cooking and eating.

Deer are residents in Pam's neighborhood and are everywhere. 

Pam and I after our hike at Enchanted Rock.  Tired but happy.

Mark relaxing watching the kids open gifts

Hmmm...this rocker needed mending later.  I wonder why?

The little toys I made were a big hit....such a great feeling (and a relief!) 

 Dean's other two sisters, Marla and Laurie.

 being silly for the kid's photo!

Breakfast before leaving early New Year's Eve...

Dean stopped at one of his favorite places, (Freebirds) and got a burrito the size of 2 beer cans.....I think it weighed 4 pounds.   To his credit, he couldn't eat the whole thing...but he sure did try.

As much as we love our visits, it is always nice to come home.  We even have deer in our own yard...too bad they aren't real!

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like ya'll had a nice visit. Glad to hear your handmade gifts were well-received. Yusef has asked me to make a hacky sack for him. He made the first one too big and thought my crochet was too much like a design so has created another one and now I have to crochet another cover. He told me this time to google the directions. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

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