Monday, January 26, 2009


This is Maurice, the musical owl.
He is moving to New York to pursue his love of music.
His favorite band is "The Who"
His favorite song is "Who are you?" (by "The Who", of course.)

I also sent one of my hootie bookmarks....both arrived safely :-)


Unknown said...

Oh Val your little owlie is so darn cute!!!! Much more artistic than mine :) I love him... and his sweet little name :)

gin said...

Your Who is cute? His new owner will surely love him. And could your dream of hot dogs be something about your dogs? I hope nothing bad from that nightmare is in store for them.

jillytacy said...

WHoooo cute! Sorry I couldn't help my self. Maurice turned out great!

Kellie said...

He's cute, Val! And I love the crochet bookmarks. Must learn to crochet some day.

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