Friday, January 30, 2009

Dream box

A few years ago, Curly Girl started having some pretty scary nightmares. We've always had a bedtime routine complete with reading, back scratches, reviewing the day, talking about tomorrow. But it wasn't enough to help.
It got to the point that the only way she could fall asleep was to have me in bed with her for hours.

Each night was a battle getting her to go to bed. We started letting Ginger sleep with her (happy dog) which helped...but it wasn't quite enough to let her relax to stay asleep.

So I made her a 'dream box.' I felt so creative, coming up with the idea....until I saw that some other mom had come up with it AGES ago! :-)

I printed off a bunch of 'pretty dreams' on slips of paper and put them into one of her music boxes, folded up.
Then, each night she would pull one slip of paper out and read it aloud. We would talk about the dream and what she thought it would be like. Then she would put that slip into another little box she had. (we recycled them and have special ones for Christmas)

This little routine worked wonders and within a short time, her nights were filled with wonderful dreams. These were things that made her happy...things as simple as chasing butterflies or playing with her dog when she was a puppy.

She doesn't have many nightmares anymore....but she does still have some from time to time. When they seem to be happening more frequently, we pull out her 'dream box' and start the routine back up.

It stops the nightmares from becoming a habit...which is half the battle.


manda said...

well it's still a great idea, even if you weren't the first to think of it! When young, I always freaked out of the small electrical lights in my room, thinking they were animal I came up with making the "animal" my guardian, and that it was only watching over me. I even talked to it! These days I don't have lights on in my room, but I do have a huge picture of a prowling growling black panther above my head and a mini version of the real thing asleep at my feet.

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a wonderful idea, Val. So thoughtful and sensitive of you. You are a fabulous Mom.:) Lori

gin said...

A very good idea. And a very good mom too.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Great idea! We had a similar problem with Robbie (9). He used to have nightmares and didn't want to sleep in his own bed. I started teaching him how to start a dream when you are still awake. I had him think of something that was fun and exciting to him and then when he fell asleep, he would be able to continue the story in his dreams. We have alot less scare-mares now :)

jillytacy said...

This is a great idea! I think there is a children's book that is along the same lines too. I can't remember the title though

UK lass in US said...

I like that idea. I've never had a nightmare and wouldn't have known where to start.

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