Monday, January 12, 2009

Girl's day out....

This weekend Curly Girl and I had a girl's day out...twice! Dean had plans with Ripstick Boy for a few basketball games and lunch out. So, we split up.
On Saturday, we did the toy society drop that I already wrote about.
Afterwards, we went out to lunch together...just the 2 of us.

Then, we went to the Humane Society to deliver a little bit of happiness.
We got the idea from Lori but simply didn't have the time during the holidays. We got a tour of the kennel and visited the dogs and then went up front and visited the kitties....Curly Girl was in heaven!

Sunday, I took Curly Girl to the Marley movie. This was the movie I didn't want to see. As in, I really didn't want to SEE this movie.
I like pretty much ANY movie but tear jerkers.
Heck, I cry at sappy commercials, why would I EXPOSE myself to a movie that was GUARANTEED to make me bawl?
So, I kept putting her off, hoping she would be invited to go with someone ELSE so I wouldn't have to go. (She was invited but couldn't go on that particular day.)
I finally ran out of excuses.
Dean abandoned me....laughing as he shut the door when we left. Ripstick Boy simply said 'no way.'
So, off we went, to see 'MARLEY and ME.'

I am so glad Curly Girl didn't let me off the hook!

No wonder this movie got 4 stars. Yes, it is a movie about a dog but it really is so much more.
It so gets how it is to have a family and a dog and a career and how life gets in the way and how you have to 'go with it' sometimes.
It gets how sometimes the job you thought you wanted really isn't the job you wanted.
It gets how you can sometimes get 'lost' in it all and not know where you fit in anymore, and then you have to redefine who you are and where you are going.
It gets how much the little things mean to you as a parent. Like the scene where the kids have never seen snow.....I just bawled right there.

People looked at me like "Hey lady, the dogs not DEAD YET."

I cried anyway. We have days like those....pure delight in watching our kids and being part of their happiness.

Did I cry when Marley did die?
Yeah, of course, just like I knew I would.
Heck, I had to wear my sunglasses just to get outside the theater. The RAGING headache was a lovely bonus too.
But, Curly Girl loved it...and she loved snuggling up and sharing tissues as we bawled our eyes out TOGETHER.

When we got home, we hugged our two very well behaved dogs. I even encouraged Ginger to jump up on me. It isn't often that I let her do it, she's just too big. But oh, she was so excited, running in circles, knocking stuff off the cocktail table with that giant helicopter tail of hers.

Mojo was excited too but just sat quietly...he is so dignified, you know. He should really be wearing a tuxedo....

There's nothing like a great movie about a bad dog to make you love your two good dogs that much more.


gin said...

Oh Val, I'm tearing up just reading this!! What a great weekend ya'll had.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- That was beautifully written, Sweetie! What a lovely time you shared with your precious daughter. It sounds like the movie would make me want a dog even more...:) Lori

Unknown said...

I purchased the book Marley and Me before Christmas... to read on the airplane.. I have read a couple of chapters.. I just have found time to read more.. but the movie looks so adorable. Its nice that you and Curly girl had a mommie and me day out :)
Swing on by my sweet friend and pick up a new award :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie TWICE! once on a date with my hubby, and then my 14 year old BEGGED (like a dog) so I took her. It was a great movie and I think that a great movie like this was meant to have you cry in places other than the death of the dog. I went home and loved my dogs both times. (I only petted them, they need a bath... real bad!)

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