Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So here is the tale of 2 cars:


car 1 needs a thinga ma jig...'ka-ching'
car 2 needs a new oxygen sensor 'ka-ching'
car 2 needs 2 new tires 'ka-ching, ka-ching'
car 2 needs wheel hub repaired on one wheel 'ka-ching, ka'ching, ka'ching'
car 1 needs 4 new tires 'ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching, ka'ching'

car 2 needs the OTHER oxygen sensor replaced 'ka'ching'
car 2 needs the OTHER 2 tires replaced 'ka-ching, ka-ching'
car 2 needs new brakes 'ka-ching'
car 1 needs a NEW TRANSMISSION 'ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching...ka-ching and ka-ching some more'

This is what happens when you buy 2 new cars within 6 months of each other, 7 years ago.




jillytacy said...

Oooo that hurts! If you're buying a new car I'd recommend the Saturn Vue. I just went throught the same KA-CHING on my old car and ended up with a new Vue. I love it!
Good luck with the cars!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- NO FUN! Are you going to fix the cars or splurge on a new one? BTW- I have been sick since yesterday and I know YOU know why.:( Lori

Shawnee said...

Man-o - don't you just hate cars some days?!?

BTW, I'm excited about your Fiesta sneak peek!!

NadineC said...

Val - sounds like what goes on at my house - our son is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic....which of course means that NONE of our cars work! Haha. BTW - I tried to e-mail you yesterday to let you know YOU WON the name-the-necklaces contest - with "Weads" but there was something wrong with my e-mail and I couldn't send anything. Well, I have your address and I know what color you want, so I'll just send one to you :-)

Solidia said...

Ouch! We had the same thing happen to us just before Thanksgiving.

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