Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spookify Me Saturday

Each year I do a few projects for Halloween....just like some many others. I thought it would be fun to link up so people could see what each other did.
At the bottom of the post, I've set up a Mr. Linky so you can link up if you want to.
That way, people can go from one to another to steal some ideas for there own Halloween projects!

Here is my first project for Spookify Me Saturday...a mummy hand!

You'll need a few supplies:

a latex glove
stiffening product (cornstarch will will glue. I just happened to have something on hand.)
double sided tape if you have it
newspaper...or plastic bags....the bags work great
muslin ripped into long pieces. Most of mine were about 1/2 or 1 inch wide and a foot long

Take the glove and stuff it with newspaper or plastic bags, making sure you get the fingers stuffed up pretty good! Twisting the paper makes great finger shapes:

Then stuff the rest, making the palm rounded a bit.

After stuffing the palm, tape the wrist closed. I think staples would pull out but you can try it is you don't have any tape, just don't stuff it as far down the wrist.

Rip a piece of muslin to cover the wrist will be wider than the rest of your ripped muslin. I used double sided tape to hold it in place:

Then start wrapping, winding around fingers and the palm, you'll make lots of "X" shapes as you go along so you can hide the tails of each new piece of muslin:

At odd areas it was easier to tuck in the whatever works best for you:

depending on where it ends, you can either tie a knot in the middle of the palm or

tuck in the end. I tied a knot because I liked the look.

Now, take some fabric stiffener and paint the hand with it. Coat it really well and cover up any tails, knots, etc. Let it dry overnight!

Then you can grunge it up. I rubbed mine with coffee granules. I was going to gore it up but Kaela put the kibosh on that!

Here it is! I'm sending this one off in a package but am going to make myself one too!

Feel free to link up!


gin said...

spooky fun! I love the hand thing. I made one last year for a swap package.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
The hand looks great. We will have to give that a try. It's definately very spooky.
Hope you are having a good weekend.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love the hand! I will need to make some for my Halloween party. I'm working now on my next project for next week.

Irma :)

jillytacy said...

You're mummy hand is cool! Very spooky! I'm not sure how to link up, but here's a link for my Spookify Me project:

Apryl said...

I adore Halloween and added a link to a mini Halloween pegs tutorial... very simple but fun to do.

the mummy's hand looks great.

Kerry said...

LOVE that hand ..... the kids and I need to get making a few of those:-)
Have linked a simple little something....

Christine Edwards said...

Cute would be fun to make. I'll definitely have to check out the other links, and maybe come up with one of my own for next week.

Sherry said...

Really neat idea Val!
I'm such a ditz! I thought you were doing this on Tuesdays. I had something all ready too.....I guess I'll use it this Saturday.

Have a great week!

Becky said...

I love!!!! this hand! What a hoot and so easy. Think mod podge would work too?

And do we have to link tutorials or can we just show what we made so folks can get ideas?

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