Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Maladies...

Avanti "Feeling Green?" Sick Frog Get Well Card
There are several maladies that affect witches and other magical folk. These maladies are not curable with spells, they need good old fashioned medicine and time.

Each Monday during October, I will share a sampling of some of these diseases and conditions.

Week 1:

A condition that affects the tissue of the toes. Some shrink, while others twist and get knots in them....this creates a gnarled, unbalanced appearance.
Untreated Tolio can lead to Toliosis.


A horrific condition of the toes contracted due to the neglect of Tolio. Once contracted, toliosis can cause toes to fall off.
When this happens, witches use replacement parts, which is why many witch toes look like human thumbs.

"The Gumps"

Trolls are frequently affected by this disease. When affected their IQ plummets dangerously low. During this time, many are referred to as Forrest, most likely due to the fact that they live in the woods...however, that has been disputed.


Mostly affects tweenagers. When one contracts sneasles, with each sneeze, a new blemish in a variety of colors appears on their faces, shoulders and upper back.
There are a variety of drugs on the market for Sneasles, ProRativ being one of the most effective.


Hackups tend to affect cat oriented witches.
While in prolonged feline form, witches cannot help but tend to their fur.
Once they return to their normal state, they invariably have a hackup fit and cough up fur balls like a regular cat would.

Unfortunately, hackups tend to last several minutes and with each spasm, another fur ball is hacked up. This is one of the leading causes of spinsterhood for witches.


Jenny said... have too much time on your hands....

manda said...

I agree! Way too much time....although I do get the hackups quite a bit...

val said...

nope...just can't shut down my brain once I get an idea......

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...


Lindsay-ann said...

That's so funny. I know a few Gumps around here!

Christine Edwards said...

Cute! I'll have to check in each week and see if any of these symptoms sound familiar. ;-)

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