Friday, October 22, 2010

Poe and more Poe...

This year I hosted an Edgar Allen Poe altered art swap.
The idea was to read the E.A.P. story your partner picked out and then alter a cigar box to represent the story.

I had a ball rereading "Some Words With A Mummy."
Most people think E.A.P. is a totally dark and morbid writer, but he was funny too.
If you don't believe me, read the story!

Here is what I created for my partner:

First...a cigar box altered to look like a mummy! I really liked how this guy turned out.

inside...the "bejeweled" box

then I made a mummy...with some wire (part of the story), included some meds for Edgar, a recipe from the story, a 'Boo' banner, a skele-pin, glittered pumpkin and 'demummification' bath salts.....
When I packed it, I included a stem of red roses.....if you know about Poe, then you know someone leaves red roses on his grave each year....

I chose the same story and got this from my partner:

front of an altered box:

and the inside....creepy!

and the other goodies including some toys for trick or treaters a fun bracelet and a nickel.
Why a nickel? POE had all sorts of elevated chemicals in his system, including nickel but they ruled out nickel poisoning...interesting!

I really, really, really hope that spider in the sucker isn't real........ewwwwww!

I also joined altered art junkie's Halloween swap. I had such fun creating stuff for it!

Here is what I made for my partner Vanessa. I knew she liked spiders so went with that.

then you open up the front

and then you flip up the last door so the wrapped up bug swings down...

and here are the rest of the goodies I sent her... kitchen towels, a mummy hand, a skele-pin, bath salts, a banner that says Spooky and other stuff...

oh! see that big spider? its attached to a is a photo of how it will look on...creepy!

and here is what I received from Vanessa:

How did she know I like Poe...she must have been stalking me a bit!

She also made some cute Halloween magnets but I like them too much to leave them on the frig so I'm going to have to decorate something with them. Click on the pic to enlarge it.
She included a little mystery book, an ornament and some fun spider earrings.

Here is Edgar's close up.......he looks quite dashing, doesn't he!



Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Amazing! Everything looks so spooky and fun. I love the Mummy box you made.

nattyj said...

Oh my goodness! Such creative ladies! I loved it all!

Christine Edwards said...

Very cool Poe boxes, they both turned out so great. I didn't know about the nickel...interesting, yes! Your spider box is perfect in all it's bugginess, and that scarf will have Vanessa all "wrapped up" for some cool weather. She did a great job with her scary treats for you. Gotta love Halloween swaps!

P.S. I posted my Poe boxes today.

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